BIORocket Ayer Williams: Bio, Age, Pharrell Williams Son

Rocket Ayer Williams: Bio, Age, Pharrell Williams Son

Rocket Ayer Williams, is not just famous for being a son of a famous father (Pharrell Williams.) but is famous for being a fashionable child. From his deadlocks hair to red carpet appearances, Rocket has become a name that the world does associate with in a mega manner.

It does tell a lot about him and the impact he has made in just a very small time. Due to his father, from school to public places, everybody gives him that attention which does have its ups and downs. Hence, Rocket does look for a name that can make a major impact in the coming. It does make it worth to know more about him.

Rocket Ayer Williams Biography

Rocket Ayer Williams is a famous celebrity kid who is known for being the child of a famous Hollywood singer named Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh. He was born on November 15, 2008 in Virginia. That makes him 14 years old. His parent named him after Stevie Wonder’s ‘Rocket Love,’ Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man,’ and Herbie Hancock’s ‘Rockit’ songs. However, the family moved to Coral Gables, Florida in 2020, where Rocket lives in his father’s $30M waterfront mansion. He represents the American-African ethnicity and does follow the Christian religion.

Rocket Ayer Williams
Rocket Ayer Williams

Rocket Ayer Williams Height, Weight and Body Stats

Rocket Ayer Williams is a handsome young man who is 14 years old. He has a kind of built body, which is not normal for his age. His height is 4 feet and 4 inches tall. His weight are like a kid at the age of 14. He has dark brown eyes and hair. Rocket likes to make tattoos and has not made one. He does like to color his her and has started to do this from a very young age.

Rocket Ayer Williams Education

Rocket Ayer Williams did start his educational journey in a luxury school at Hollywood hills. However, his father moved to Coral Gables, Florida in 2020, which is a famous house made of USD 30 million. This is why Rocket did change his school and went to another luxury school but this time in Florida. As in his school, most of the children are from rich family, it does help him out to not be the center of the classroom. Rocket is not keen in studies. In fact, he does like to play basketball a lot. In a way, NBA has a become a part of his life at a very young age.

Rocket Ayer Williams Family

Rocket Ayer Williams comes from a very famous family. The main reason behind his family’s fame is the famous singer Pharrell Williams, who is the father of Rocket. Helen Lasichanh is the mother of Rocket Ayer. He is blessed to have grandparents named Pharoah Williams and Carolyn Williams (father’s side). Even his aunts Hope Williams, Carrie Parks and Unitra Laville are famous.

Rocket Ayer Williams Family

Pharoah Williams III, Cato Williams, Psolomon Williams and David Williams are the uncles of Pharrell. The parents of Rocket did marry in 2013. They did marry five years after Rocket was born in 2008. Most of his family members are famous in some capacity and the main reason behind it is Pharrell Williams, who is a world-famous singer. He is the elder child of Pharrell and Helen. In 2017, her mother gives birth to triplets siblings, making him elder brother of three cute little triplets. He does also have his cousin’s siblings. And they are many in number.

Pharrell Williams Father Of Rocket Ayer

Pharrell Williams is a famous American record producer, rapper, singer, songwriter, and fashion designer. He was born on 5 April 1973 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States. Pharrell Williams age is 50 years of old as 2023 and Pharrell does have a net worth of USD 270, making him one of the richest singers ever. He did marry Helen Lasichanh in 2013. However, their kid Rocket was born in 2008. Pharoah Williams III, Cato Williams, Psolomon Williams, Carrie Parks, Hope Williams, Unitra Laville and David Williams as his siblings. Carolyn Williams and Pharoah Williams are his parents.

Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh

He is famous for his song Happy around the world. It came in 2014 and became famous from the United States to India. The song was used in many advertisements and shows in a manner, Pharrell became a global personality. The song was one of the best in the 2010s. His social media profiles are on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. He is one of the rare celebs who has not parted ways with his family. Even his touch of fashion is also hailed around the world.

Rocket Ayer’s Social Media

Rocket Ayer Williams is not on social media yet. In coming years, the fans of the Williams family can see him coming to Instagram. TikTok and other social media platforms. His father has over 15 million followers on Instagram and sometimes, he does like post pictures of his family, which allows the fans to know what is happening in the life of Rocket.

Rocket Ayer Williams Net Worth 

Rocket Ayer Williams is not working. He is at school. Hence, the net worth of a celebrity kid cannot be calculated. But his father is very rich and has a house which is worth more than USD 30 million. It is not the only house his father has. From sports cars to SUVs, Rocket is every variety of luxury car that one does look for. His father Pharrell Williams has a net worth of USD 270 million as of 2023. As of now, Rocket is the elder child of Pharrell, so it means one day this big money and more that his father would earn in future would come to him and his three siblings. Rocket does take part with his family in charity work. It does help children in Africa mostly. Rocket does also like to carry luxury clothes and accessories.

Rocket Ayer Williams: Hobbies 

  • Rocket Ayer does like to spend time with his family and watch basketball and American Football (NFL). 
  • He does like to spend time with his friends.
  • Stefan Curry is his beloved sports star. 
  • He does like to watch action movies. 
  • Rocket is a huge fan of his father Pharrell, a top singer. 
  • He does like to swim and read books. 
  • A rocket like to play basketball. 
  • He does like to eat Indian cuisine the most.
  • Rocket does like to travel around the world. 
  • Blue is the beloved colour of Rocket. 
  • He is a huge fan of Harry Potter books and film series. 
  • He used to watch cartoons from the age of three to 11.


Q Who is Rocket Ayer Williams?

Rocket Ayer is the elder child of Pharrell Williams and Carolyn Williams.

Q How old is Rocket Ayer Williams?

Rocket is 14 years old. He was born on November 15, 2008.

Q How many kids does Pharrell have?

Pharrell is blessed to have four children. His elder son’s name is Rocket Ayer Williams. In 2017, they did welcome three triplets.

Q Who has a son named Rocket?

Pharrell Williams has a famous celeb kid named Rocket.

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