EntertainmentA Platform for Movie Nerds and Unlimited Entertainment 

A Platform for Movie Nerds and Unlimited Entertainment 


It is a streaming platform, where one can enjoy endless content for free. It is unauthorized and follows the niche of torrents, which is how the makers could provide streaming options for free. This platform can perhaps be the perfect replacement for other expensive sites. Meanwhile, there’s barely any difference in the content type or viewing experience. 

Mobile-optimized App

It comes with an optimized app that is developed by Zio.App and was first made available in April 2020. To say the least, it is an excellent application where watching movies and series is fun and cost-effective. The only drawback that tinyzone consists of is quality issues. But for the overall price point, there is nothing large to complain about. At the same time, note that you can only install the app from third-party platforms.

Overview of the TV App

  • App Name: TV App
  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app Purchases: Rare or none 
  • Download Estimate: 22,000+ 
  • Recent Downloads: Over 8,000
  • Version: 1.1
  • APK Size: 6.97 MB
  • Number of Libraries: 13
  • Designed For:  Android 4.1+
  • Ratings: 2.39 based on 150 ratings
  • Ranking: Not ranked
  • Maturity: High Maturity
  • Revenue Model: Through ad-network and ads 

What Users Have To Say

It has mixed reviews with users showing their gratitude to the platform for providing movies for free. It could be a beacon in the expensive streaming industry, yet there are plenty of reasons stopping the site from becoming the best. Well, the first reason is the inaccessibility of certain movies. Second, not all movies have quality streaming options and poor-quality films can negatively impact the viewing experience. 

However, another user of has something different to say and claims that the app is super fun. It contains almost all kinds of Netflix series and movies and acts as the perfect replacement. The only exception is Netflix is expensive, while tiny zones cost nothing. Likewise, for many, the app turned out as a lifesaver and filled in their voids for the latest films. Meanwhile, some are found to be complaining about it and reported about the incompatibility issues. Out of all the negative viewpoints, it seems like unhappy users are mostly disappointed because of ads. 
Although it comes with flaws, it is still an impeccable website for free movie streaming. But irrespective of the excellence, we cannot forget that this platform is a mere torrent website. Meaning that things can take a downhill here and one must always be careful as such. In addition, it isn’t authorized by any regulatory body and is illegal in most countries. Therefore, as a preventive measure, you can instead choose legal alternatives like Hulu, and Disney+. Although expensive, such legal alternatives tend to care about users and keep safety in check


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