BIOKaroline Copping : Jimmy Carr Partner Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth.

Karoline Copping : Jimmy Carr Partner Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth.

Karoline Copping is mostly known as the better half of Jimmy Carr, who is a famous British comedian and television shows host. She is also known for her work as a commissioning editor for Channel 5, where her husband has worked the most as a professional. She has worked in two of her Jimmy’s recorded projects “Jimmy Carr Live” and “Jimmy Carr: In Concert“. Being the wife of Jimmy Carr, and a media personality, has made her famous around the world. It is what defines her the most. It does tell a lot about Karoline and the life she has lived. Hence, it does make things progressive to know about Karoline.

Karoline Copping Biography

Karoline Copping is a popular wife of a famous host and comedian named Jimmy Carr. She was born on September 15, 1972, in Hounslow, London, England. She is 40 years old. Her nationality is English, her ethnicity is white and her zodiac sign is Virgo. Karoline does like to follow the Christian religion. Many do call her Karoline Carr, also she does work as a homemaker and does have Jimmy from behind to manage his dates and all. This enables him to plan things out very well and hence, Karoline does play a major role in his life. The pair did marry in 2001 and have passed 20 years plus as a couple.

Karoline Copping

Karoline Copping Height, Weight & Physical Stats  

Karoline Copping is a very good-looking lady and her height is 5 feet and 5 inches tall. Copping does have a slim body and she does keep her weight mostly around 59 kg. She does have sky-blue eyes and blonde hair. Karoline has not put any tattoos on her body. Her body measurements are 34-26-34 inches. She does go yoga here and there but is not regular in exercise. It is evident by looking at her face that she has done cosmetic surgeries on her face mostly. Even her husband is not the one who likes to do exercise. But both do look decently fit.  

Age40 years
Height5 feet and 5 inches tall
Weight59 kg
Body Measurement34-26-34 inches
Eye colorSky-blue eyes
Hair colorblonde hair

Karoline Copping Early Life

Karoline Copping is the famous wife of celebrity Comedian Jimmy Carr. She was born in Hounslow, London, England. Karoline’s birth was in a working-class family. She did live in Canada for a long time before coming back to the United Kingdom. She did like to study a lot while growing up. Even her devotion towards dancing was huge back then. Karoline did join dance classes when she was 7 years old. However, she did not continue this hobby for more than three years.

Other than that, Karoline did like to play with dolls. Even as a kid, she did visit 5 different nations with her father and mother. She did like to swim and she has kept this hobby alive to this day. While her family was huge football fans; however, Karoline was not keen on watching games.

Karoline Copping Family

Karoline Copping was born in England and grew up in Toronto, Canada. Jason Copping is her father and Samantha Copping is her mother. She did grow up with a brother John Copping and a sister Messila Copping. Her brother is 5 years elder and her sister is three years younger. Out of all the siblings, she was the favorite of her father. She did like to watch late-night shows with her family during the weekend and they were huge fans of watching movies at the theatre. Karoline is very much connected with her family and they all do meet twice a year and more.

Karoline Copping Husband and Children

Karoline Copping did have two boyfriends before meeting the love of his life, Jimmy Carr. The pair did meet somewhere around 2001 and it took them not much to get married in 2001. However, Jimmy was not keen back then to get married. However, something happened and he did get married in 2001. It was Jimmy who used his comedy to win the heart of Karoline. However, it took them 18 years to invite the son named Rockefeller. But they do not talk much about him and do not even tell much about what he does on television and social media. Maybe, he has some personal notes with that so he does not want to share a lot about his son, unlike other celebrities.

Karoline Copping with Husband Jimmy Carr
Karoline Copping with Husband Jimmy Carr

Karoline’s Husband Jimmy Carr Biography

Jimmy Carr is a famous British-Irish comedian, presenter, writer, and actor. He was born on 15 September 1972 in Isleworth, United Kingdom. He is 51 years old. His height is 6 feet (or 1.8m) Jimmy did marry in 2001 Karoline. His siblings are Colin Carr and Patrick Carr. Jimmy parents name are Nora Mary Carr and Jim Carr. He did go to Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Jimmy is known as one of the best comedians of all time. He does a lot of world tours also. When then-New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern did interview him, it was kind of a huge moment for him. Jimmy is known as one of the richest British comedians ever.

Karoline Copping Professional Career

Karoline Copping has worked as a media commissioning editor for Channel 5. She did work in this role for some years and then she started to work in the shows of her husband. Hence, Karoline has contributed very well to making an impact in her life. As up until 2019, they did not have any kids, Karoline did help Jimmy a lot to set up his career by planning dates for him. Hence, she has played a major role in stabilizing the career of Jimmy in many different ways. So her job is a mix of homemaking and helping her husband who is a busy life as a professional.

Karoline’s Social Media

Talking about her social media, she is not active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Whereas her boyfriend Jimmy Carr is an active personality on social media. He has obtained 643k followers on his Instagram account and goes by the username @jimmycarr. He is highly active on Twitter and has around 6.7m followers on his Twitter account. Jimmy does keep on posting pictures with his wife, so the fans do get to know what Jimmy’s wife is doing as of now. This does show a lot about Karoline Copping and how grounded she does live her life and making it run well.

Karoline Copping Net Worth

Karoline has gathered her net worth from her job as a television producer and an executive on Channel 5. According to Payscale, the average salary for Channel 5 employees is $67,428 a year and ranges from an average of $26,518 to $171,448 a year. Given Karoline’s stint in Channel 5, she likely received her payrolls between those amounts through which has raised Karoline Copping net worth to $5 million (approx) . As for her partner, Jimmy Carr, he has summoned a net worth of $16 million. He has mostly acquired his fortunes from his career as a comedian and actor. Jimmy has played the role of John Crawford in the 2006 movie Storm breaker which grossed $40 million from a production budget of $20.7–23.9 million. He has also earned wealth from his comedy tours like Joke Technician; Laughter Therapy; and Funny Business.

Trivia & Facts

  • Karoline is the wife of Jimmy Carr.
  • Jimmy Carr did marry Karoline in 2001.
  • Karoline does like red and white colours.
  • She likes to watch Hollywood movies and series the most.
  • Karoline is a huge fan of Mexican food.
  • Karoline has visited over 20 countries.
  • She is not a huge football fan unlike many people living in the UK.
  • She does not smoke at all.
  • Karoline does like to drink wine.
  • She does know how to swim and drive a car.
  • Karoline is a huge lover of Tacos.
  • She does like to buy luxury bags.
  • Karoline had worked for Channel 5 for a long time.


Q Has Jimmy Carr had a baby?

Yes, in 2019, Jimmy Carr welcomed a son named Rockefeller.

Q Who is Karoline Copping?

Karoline is the wife of Jimmy Carr.

Q Who is Jimmy Carr partner?

Karoline Copping is the partner of Jimmy Carr.

Q How old is Jimmy Carr?

Jimmy Carr was born on 15 September 1972. It means he is 50 years old.

Q Is Karoline Canadian?

Yes, Karoline is Canadian but she now lives with her husband in England.

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