BIOAmy Baier: Bio, Age, Bret Baier Wife, Net Worth

Amy Baier: Bio, Age, Bret Baier Wife, Net Worth

Amy Baier is an famous American philanthropist and children’s health advocate. But, the main reason for her popularity is being married to Bret Baier a FOX News channel TV anchor. Her husband Willian Bret Baier host show “Special Report With Bret Baier” on Fox news channel. And in 2007, he was also an American political correspondent in White House where he covered W. Bush administration.

Other than that, Amy classed herself as a “fitness junkie” on her Instagram bio. Despite not being a mega journalist like her husband, she has made a great name on Instagram and Twitter. She calls herself a Grateful Mom. It does tell how connected she is with her family. Due to her husband, she holds a powerful position in many different waves.  

Amy Baier
Amy Baier

Amy Baier Biography

Amy Baier was born on 7 May 1978 and she was raised in Barrington Hills, Illinois, Chicago, US. Amy Baier age is 45 years old after her birthday on May 2023. She also the co-founder of company name Barbara, that make Sage products. Amy is a famous American philanthropist who works very hard for children’s health. She is famous for playing a huge role to help children’s health, so they can manage it very well. Her nationality is American, and her religion is Christianity. She comes from a white ethnicity but is not too devotional and one can see Amy going to the Church four to five times a year. This does tell a lot about Amy and the impact she has made to change the life of many children. It can be seen the major impact of Amy.

Amy Baier Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Amy Baier is a very good-looking lady who is very tall and beautiful. She has fair white skin that gives a pinkish look. Her height is 5 feet and 10 inches tall. With heels, Amy looks much taller than her husband. She is a gym freak and does work hard to stay healthy and fit. The weight of Amy remains around 66 kg. Her body measures around 33-24-34 inches.

Age45 years
Height5 feet and 10 inches
Weight66 kg
Body Measurement33-24-34 inches

Amy comes up with blonde hair and brown eyes. She has done cosmetic surgeries as she is 45 years old now, and it does make her prompt to change her looks and make them look good and create. But as such she is not a huge fan of making tattoos.

Talking to our team about her fitness goals she said: “It is crucial for me to stay fit so I can set right examples in front of kids as fitness is the key to make the next generation better.”

Amy Baier Education

Talking about her educational background, Amy attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, but came back for work in Chicago. She worked as a media planner for Calvin Klein in New York City. Her schooling was in Florida, where she did like to read most about biology and take part in dance events. However, she was a very naughty student and it did allow her to get memories, but her parents used to get a lot complaints about her. It looks as her education has worked very well as she is working a lot for children’s health welfare.

Amy’s Early Life

Amy did live a decent early life. She comes from a very good-earning family. Her father is a co-founder of Sage Product. This company is famous for making medical devices. It did lead her to grow up in Chicago, Illinois, United States. It did lead her to have a good life with her siblings. She said us that Amy’s father made her the most pampered child while growing up. Hence, it led her parents to get a lot of complaints from the school. She did like to watch political news from a very young age. But singing and dancing did attack her the most.

Amy Baier Family Members

Amy Baier has Paul and Barbara Hills as her parents. She has said that she is most connected with her her father. Timothy, John Paul, and Daniel are her siblings. Being the only girl among four siblings, she was the most pampered in the house. It did lead her to get all her wishes comes true from her father and mother. Amy does have deep connections with her brothers. Hence, one can see them meeting here and there every year and having great moments.

“We all four siblings love each other a lot and we are like one united family,” she said about her brothers.

Bret Baier Family
Amy Baier Family

Amy’s Children

The couple is blessed with two kids, Paul Francis, and Daniel Baier. Both their sons have grown over the years. It’s been more than a decade of their togetherness, and their married life is still going well. Besides, their first child Paul suffered from five congenital heart defects and had eight-hour-long heart surgery when he was twelve days old. He had another surgery when he was 10 months old, the third surgery in 2013, and several angioplasties. As Paul grows older, he will be subjected to more heart procedures.

“I do see my children as the best thing that happened to my life as it does hold the power to change things,” she said.

Amy’s Husband Bret Baier

Amy’s Husband Bret Baier full name is William Bret Baier. Born 4 August 1970 (age 52 years) in Rumson, New Jersey, United States. His Height is 5 feet and 11 inches (1.8 in meters) and weighs around 75 Kg (or 165 lbs). He work on Fox News channel since 1998. He hosts the show “Special Report with Bret Baier” and also as Chief Political Anchor for Fox Production. He is also a former Chief White House Correspondent and Pentagon Correspondent for the news network.

Bret Baier does have a huge command as the mic of FOX allows him to speak what he wants and create and impact how he aims. But many do feel that he does take just one side of the coin for which one can Bret getting a lot of hate on social media. But all said and done, he is one of the most famous media names in the United States.

Husband Bret Baier
Baier Husband

Amy Baier Dating Life with Bret Baier

Surprisingly, they had a fairy tale kind of love story, where their friends planned for a blind date for them back in 2001, September 11 at a Rolling Stone concert. After sharing a romantic relationship for around two years, the couple got married on 9th October 2004. It was their mutual friends who said they look good together and looks like a perfect match. This was their first meeting, and immediately they both fell in love.

Dating Life with William Bret
Baier Dating Life with Bret Baier

Although she was in love with him, she didn’t want to meet him. It because he was living on the East Coast. Eventually, she decided to meet him and flew to Bret’s place from Chicago where she was a media planner for Calvin Klein. Their second date at Rolling Stone became a decisive date as she judged him as a gentleman. Despite being from Atlanta Amy’s husband has Southern Charm that attracted her.

Amy Social Media

Amy Baier is active on social media sites. She is on Instagram with username @amyhbaier and has around 92.3k followers on her official account. She does like share her golden life with her known on social media. With the fame of her husband, she has become a very huge name who has indeed made a mega impact. She holds a Twitter profile, where she has over 1.5k followers @AmyBaier1. However, she does not use this platform at all now. The last post she did retweet was on May 2, 2019. But she did join Twitter on October 2012. It does show much she does love using Instagram ahead of Twitter.

Instagram Social Media
Instagram Social Media

Amy Baier Net Worth

Throughout her career, Amy has been successful in earning a tremendous amount of money. She is undoubtedly living a comfortable and lavish lifestyle. According to various sources, Amy Baier current net worth is about $3 million as of 2023. And her husband Bret Baier has a net worth of $22 million.

She does use the money to help children with health problems mostly. But Amy likes to spend money on getting luxury bags and she has a mega collection of 99 bags and 76 footwear. She does own every style of car one can possibly dream of. But she like SUVs the most.


Q Who is Amy Baier?

Amy is the wife of Fox News reporter William Bret Baier.

Q Is Bret Baier married and have children?

Yes, Bret Baier is a married man. Amy is his wife and Paul Francis Baier and Daniel Baier are his children.

Q How old of is Amy Baier?

As of 2023, She is 45 years old.

Q What does Amy do?

Amy is a person who works hard for helping children who do face health-related problems.

Q Is Amy still married?

Yes, Amy is still married to William Bret Baier.

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