OTHERSJohn Wick Meme: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

John Wick Meme: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

John wick is a fictional character that is created by Derek Kolstad and is also a titular protagonist of the neo-pair action thriller film series. John wick films have also become part of one of the huge successful action-adventure franchise known all the time and also thanks to the beautiful action sequences and are strong supporting performances and their enigmatic lead Keanu Reeves. John Wick is a legendary hitman who got retired until the gang invades and his house, steal his cars, and also kills the puppy that his late wife Helen had given to the John. Later on, this sets him on the path of the revenge and returning to the criminal underworld and got eventually coming into the conflict with a different international organization of the assassins of which he was once a part of it.

Once ridiculed for his ‘surfer bro’ personality, no one’s laughing no-nonsense John Wick continue dominate in the cinema. John Wick has started with one of the most elite assassins in the world where he is seeking revenge on a group of Russian mobsters for killing the puppy that his wife has given to him and escalated into the three films involving Wick taking on his entire assassin organisations.

History Of The John Wick: Meme

John Wick was released on 24th October 2014 in theatres. In this film the retired assassin whose name is John Wick (role played by Keanu Reeves) received a puppy named as Daisy after his wife succumbs to a fatal illness.  After he formed a bond with a dog there is a group of Russian mobsters kills his dog while they steal his car. John Wick subsequently goes on a violent rampage get back and avenge daisy.

Characterization Of John Wick: Meme

The character of a John Wick is described as a ‘central boogeyman character who can’t be killed’ and also a modern, action-oriented 80’s horror themes franchise, and had a 306-kill count reportedly. He is mostly seen wearing a dark coloured tailored suit that is outfitted with the ballistic amors.  He is having a large tattoo on his back with some Latin phrase written across on it praying hands holding cross that reads, fortis Fortuna Adiuvat.

John Wick Meme

Some Examples Of John Wick Memes:

John wick meme is really going in trend because of his overall character and the personality. People started making meme on his and it’ll be a great to watch their meme. So, here are some examples through which you can also get to know about the meme which are made on john wick:

  • The official slogan of the wick enterprise, LLC

Be kind to animals, or I’ll kill you.

  • John wick holding aa gun in his both the hands: When someone tell my dog to shut up.
  • Love does not conquer all, John wick does.
  • John wick’s terrific reaction: Imagine accidentally hurting john wick’s dog while you are trying to kidnap his daughter.
  • John wick reaction: You killed my Dog; you stole my car …. Everyone dies.
  • Excuse me Mr. John Wick you dog has left the plane.

……. The dead air hostess. With a pencil.

  • John wick wasn’t exactly a boogeyman … He was the one that sent to kill the boogeyman

Time waits for no one, but the John Wick does.

  • You still mad? Checking to see that if your wife is still mad at you after a week of having a cereal for every meal.

John Wick: Are services still off-limits to me?

  • John Wich: runs out of the bullets*

Enemies: Finally, we are going to kill john wick now.

John Wick: with his pencil in the hand.

  • John Wick holding a gun in his hand: On a scale of 1 to 10…. How much do you love your Dog?

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