OTHERSBleach Memes: Keep reading to know more about it

Bleach Memes: Keep reading to know more about it

Bleach Memes: Introduction

Even though Bleach is one of the most famous anime series, even its strongest supporters can’t stop making humorous memes about it!

Bleach, adored and despised in equal proportion, has been the subject of much condemnation since the series concluded in 2016. Tite Kubo’s samurai series is frequently cited in the animanga community as an example of how not to conclude a story. Bleach’s rampant filler arcs have also been widely mocked in the anime industry.

Bleach, on the other hand, continues to be popular among die-hard fans. And, regardless of how you feel about the series’ conclusion, you can’t ignore that Bleach’s protagonists were awesome, and the fights were incredible! So, we’d like to introduce a few Bleach memes that cover the gamut; some praise the series, while others criticise it. Others applaud its achievements. In any case, all of them will be familiar to the Bleach fan base.

A Few Amusing Bleach Memes


When he wants to be, Kubo is a very creative and skilled mangaka. When he isn’t putting forth his best effort, he produces stuff like the Fullbring and Toju Arcs. Kubo created a series of increasingly dubious choices with the series’ story and protagonists throughout its run. Soon after, a large number of fans alleged Kubo of deliberately trolling readers! We do not even know if Kubo purposely tried to ruffle his readers’ feathers. Even so, we’ve seen plenty of Tite Kubo Bleach memes, and many of them never ever get old! This particular image depicts Kubo as a nihilist, doing his best to promote anguish and melancholy with each chapter.

The Climax

Bleach came to an abrupt climax after fifteen years in print with Chapter 686. Several fans were left wanting more after the manga’s ending, but not in a nice way. The finale of Bleach felt like eating a peanut butter and bread sandwich: dry, messy, and lacking in stuffing or relevant content.

But, hey, at least the manga made it to its desired location. After episode 366, the anime ended abruptly! Ulquiorra’s shock and horror in the photographed meme reflects that of many devoted Bleach fan base. Others cheered, knowing that we’d never have to watch Yhwach’s hairy mug despoil our TV screens again! Some argue that the anime’s ending is more powerful than the manga’s.

Bleach Memes

Creative Touch

The Long Touch

Being an animator is difficult work; assume drawing a series of equivalent images over and over again until your fingers bleed, then drawing a little more. Multiply that by long working hours at the workplace, then compound it all when project timelines are approaching, and you have the life of an animator.

We can’t even express how much we admire the creatives who bring animes like Bleach to life. When animators are overworked, they produce images like the one shown above. An artist unknowingly drew Ichigo off model in this picture, offering Berry-san a long sharp pointed chin that would make Jay Leno blush.

The Candy Seller

Another common animang a trope involves writers offering Smart Guys and Smart Girls sweet tooths. L from Death Note is perhaps the most iconic example of this trend. Kisuku Urahara, on the other hand, is a strong contender for the top place. Aizen considered Ol’ Bucket Hat to be the only man capable of challenging his intelligence.

Urahara, like L, had a bummy vibe to him; he, too, wore loose clothes and every time appeared exhausted or dishevelled. Kisuke purchased a candy store and frequently brought his wares with him. It’s a miracle he and L didn’t develop acute diabetes.

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