OTHERSHackerman Meme: Jokes, Fun, Love, Creative

Hackerman Meme: Jokes, Fun, Love, Creative

Memes are always one thing that can’t be done without social media and the internet. The templates, the ideas, meme concepts and sarcastic lines, all of these are available on the Internet. One thing also available on the internet is the threat of being hacked. One such type of meme has trended in the past few years. Let us know about that meme in more brief.


This meme started from the image of Rami Malek who was seen dressing in his on-screen character Elliot Alderson from the TV Show Mr. Robot. The context of the term ‘Hackerman’ comes from Hackerman’s introduction in the film Kung Fury. In August of 2015, the reddit user JBisBlu, shared the combination of both these things to make a havoc of trend. Rami Malek dressed as his character Elliot Alderson and at the bottom of the image, the caption of ‘Hackerman’ was posted on 31st August, 2015.


By Christmas 2016’s, this post went viral and with the creativity of people’s ideas and sarcasm, this same template got doubled, tripled into hundreds of variations yet the context of the term ‘Hackerman’ remains the same. This joke resembles the self-esteem of someone when they solve simple and easy technical stuff. That is how sarcasm works, when the normie things are done with the touch of dankness and sarcasm, the output is crazy.

Hackerman Meme


The craze of the meme is one of the simplest yet biggest hits in the meme trend. The simpler context and daily we are using the internet and social media. We face at least one of those things, which require a simpler brain and that’s how the ideas for this meme generates. The easy template formation and reliability of this meme makes this instantly famous among the crowd and this is quite popular till now.


Although the face of Rami Malek is being used constantly and under thousands of edits, photoshops and many more cool things added to his face and body, no meme has been seen defaming the actor. He is well known for his works as an artist and his funny expression is only used here without any second derivatives of agenda on this meme. People just love him and their love has been just showing through this template. No controversies have been seen with this meme trend.

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