BIOGabriel Iglesias: Bio, Age, Wife, Career, Son

Gabriel Iglesias: Bio, Age, Wife, Career, Son

Gabriel Iglesias is a world-famous American comedian. If you don’t know him by the name, than a show like I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy and Hot & Fluffy would make you remember who he is.

He is kind of a personality who has done his all to make sure that every person who listens to his problem will get home safely. This does tell a lot about Gabriel and kind of personality he is, which is loved a lot because he does bring a different side of comedy.

Gabriel Iglesias Biography

Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias is a famous stand-up comedian and actor. He was born on July 15, 1976 in San Diego, California, United States. Gabriel is a Christian by religion. His nationality is American as Gabriel was born in the city of San Diego. A report came in 2018 which told the world that Gabriel is one of the 10 best paid comedians all over the world. He comes from Mexican heritage. 

Gabriel Iglesias Age

Gabriel was born on July 15, 1976. The Gabriel Iglesias’s age is 47 years old as of 2023. He is famous for playing a role as a comedian in movies and doing stand ups at biggest stages possible. Since 1997, he has been working hard in the industry to show the best high craft.

Gabriel Iglesias’s Physical Stats

  • Gabriel Iglesias height is 5 feet and 8 inches tall.
  • He does weight around 150 kg. But the weight keeps on growing and coming down. But mostly it stays around 150 kg.
  • He comes up with dark brown eyes and hair.
  • Gabriel has made many tattoos on his neck and arm area.
  • Unlike many other comedians, he has not done any cosmetic surgeries on his body.
  • He does not go mostly to gym or does any fitness activities. In short, he is a food and chill loving person.

Gabriel Iglesias’s Early Life

Gabriel Iglesias, his mother and siblings did see great childhood. He lived in multiple locations around San Diego as her mother did not able to her house until a low-income housing plan came and that made the family settle for a long time in Long Beach; the place where he spends golden childhood years.

He did live a very challenging life where there were many problems in his life. It was a childhood where they had to fight hard for to get small things. Hence, now Gabriel has become a huge inspiration to the people all over the world and mostly to Mexicans living in the United States and trying to make great living. Here is an link to Gabriel Iglesias Wikipedia:-

Gabriel’s Education

Gabriel did study in local colleges in San Diego. But he was kind of an average student who never liked academics. He was not also good in sports but his ability to make people smile was famous since and it did kind of set the mark for future. But he never enrolls to collage to university.

Gabriel Iglesias Family

Gabriel Father’s NameJesús Iglesias
Gabriel Mother’s NameEsther P. Mendez
Gabriel Sister NameEsther

The parents of Gabriel parted ways when he was very young. The separation did leave Gabriel and his mother alone. It did see him growing up in Riverside, Corona, Santa Ana, Baldwin Park, and Compton. But after that they did make a living in Long Beach.

He did live in a low-income housing plan with her mother. He did grow up 5 siblings. Esther is one of her sisters, while he has not talked much about his other siblings. But looking from his love for sister Esther, it feels that he kind of a family oriented person.

Gabriel Iglesias Son and Wife

Gabriel Iglesias wife Claudia Valdez, who is an actor, and producer born in the United States. She is the partner of Gabriel Iglesias since 2008. They have not welcomed any biological child yet. But Gabriel is the stepfather of Claudia’s son with her previous relationship. His name is Frankie. However, Claudia does not live with Gabriel anymore. In an article written on People back in June 2020 did say that the pair did part ways in 2017 but back then, they did not tell much about his to media. But he has adopted Frankie, who is very connected to his step father. So, Gabriel does not have any biological son but he has a stepson named Frankie. 

Gabriel Iglesias Professional Career

Gabriel started of his career with working for a phone company back in Los Angeles. And it was 1997 when he turned comedy full-time. The decision at first did see him facing a lot of issues and he even end on losing house and car.

But kept on going and Gabriel did use his fat personality as a way to make fun. “Oh, I’m not fat, I’m fluffy” – these used to be his key.

Nickelodeon sketch comedy, back in 2000, did help him out to make a name. Last Comic Standing in 2006 was something that did see him getting a lot or praise. He was one of 8 comics who stayed until the end.

In 2011, he did Comedy Central debut and this was the moment that made him famous all over the world. It did help him to work for next three seasons and make an impact. Despite he made his acting debut in 2002 for movie Entre vivos y plebeyos. The big mark he made in 2012 for Magic Mike. It did happen because he did start to make that big of impact. And after that, he has kept on working in a number of TV shows, movies and series.

Gabriel Social Media

Gabriel Iglesias, being a world-famous comedian, has over 3.8M followers on Instagram. Here one can mix of personal and professional life. He has more than 6.38M subscribers on YouTube and here one can see an Hub of full of comedy and personal life of Gabriel. Not to YouTube and Insta level, but Gabriel has his say on Twitter, TikTok and Facebook also. Below are his social media links.

TwitterG a b r i e l – I g l e s i a s

Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth

As of 2023, the net worth of Gabriel Iglesias is at around USD 45 million. He does have a huge house, many luxury cars that he enjoys. Gabriel does also like gold and diamond chains and all. Other than that, he likes luxury fashion and all.

Gabriel Trivia & Facts

  • Gabriel is a huge fan of Mexican and Indian food.
  • He likes to drink beer, hang out with friends and travel.
  • Gabriel is fan of the beautiful view of the Maldives.
  • Blue and white are the colors he likes the most.
  • Gabriel does like to eat mangos a lot.
  • While growing up, he was a mad fan of burgers and ice creams.
  • Gabriel likes to watch Hollywood movies and series a lot.
  • Netflix is the beloved OTT platform of Gabriel.
  • His father left him with mother at a very young age.
  • Gabriel did live a very hard childhood while growing up.


Q Who is Gabriel Iglesias?

Gabriel is a famous comedian and actor.

Q Who is Fluffy’s real dad?

Fluffy’s father is Jesus Iglesias.

Q Who is Gabriel Iglesias son?

Gabriel does not have a biological son but an adopted son named as Frankie.

Q Who is the father of Gabriel Iglesias?

Jesus Iglesias is the father. But his father left him when he was very young.

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