BIOShaun Cassidy: Bio, Children, Life, Unknown Facts

Shaun Cassidy: Bio, Children, Life, Unknown Facts

Shaun Cassidy is a world-famous singer, who is a legend in Hollywood singing industry. Over the years, Shaun had seen 3 wives coming to his life. Hence from work to relationships, there has been many ups and downs. In 1970s, his songs were very famous and did have huge impact back then. When he was at the peak, music and movies were two leading factors to move on.

It does tell a lot about Shaun and what a major impact he did during is pack years. American Gothic, Roar and Invasion are something he is associated the most. It shows Shaun was destined to be an entertainer. Due to his huge impact, his wives and children are famous due to various other reasons.

And not to forget that his mother and father were famous in the entertainment industry. Hence, he did make his struggle somewhat easy to have. Hence, let us take the dive and know about Shaun from the very deep.

Shaun Cassidy Biography

Shaun Cassidy is a legendry American singer, actor, writer, and producer. He comes from a legendry family of Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy. His father Jack was a American actor, singer and theatre director. His mother Shirley Jones is a super famous American actress and singer.

Shaun Cassidy

It was 27 September 1958, in Los Angeles, California, United States. when Shaun did open his eyes for the first time.

He did marry thrice in his career  – Tracey Lynne Turner (m. 2004), Susan Diol (m. 1995–2003), Ann Pennington (m. 1979–1993). Out of which, two marriages did not work very well. But his marriage with Tracey has turned to be very well.

Shaun Cassidy Age

Shaun Cassidy’s age is 64 years old. 27 September is the birthday of Shaun, making his zodiac sign Libra. The nationality of Shaun is American.

Shaun Cassidy’s Physical Stats

  • Shaun Cassidy height stands for 5 feet and 9 inches tall.
  • He does weight around mostly now 82 kg.
  • The eye color of Shaun is dark brown.
  • His hair color is light brown.
  • The feet size of Shaun is 9 (US).
  • He has done cosmetic surgeries on his face as per many point of views.
  • His fans have made tattoos but Shaun has not made any tattoos yet.

Shaun Cassidy’s Early Life

Shaun was born to a rich and mega famous family. Where both father and mother did work in the film industry. Hence, all Shaun did as a child learn the art of music. It did help him to become who he is. As he did get that backing from famous parents, at the age of 5 he did start learning about it.

When he was at high school, Warner Bros. Records did sign him and he started to work out as a singer. Hence, he was very famous during his high school days. As a child, he did like to watch movies a lot other than singing. While other children back then were mad for boxing, Shaun did like music and movies the most. He did also loved to go on a long ride in an open car with his family as a child.

Shaun Cassidy’s Education

Going to Beverly Hills High School does tell the fact how well established the family of Shaun was. He did do his basic education from schools in Beverly Hills only. But he did not go the university as while being in High school, he did get famous after getting a project from WB to sing for them. It made him famous at high school and crush of so many girls. He did become one of the most famous faces during his time at Hills High School. Academically, he was an average student. His long-term aim was to become a singer. Hence, academics did not matter him much. 

Shaun Cassidy’s Parents and Siblings

Shaun was blessed to born in a very rich and stable family. Shirley Jones is his mother, while Jack Cassidy is his father. He did grow up with three siblings named David Cassidy, Patrick Cassidy and Ryan Cassidy. All of them were boys and hence, Shaun does not have any sister. David Cassidy was a famous American actor, who passed away on 21 November 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States. Patrick Cassidy is both actor and singer. And Ryan Cassidy is the least famous out of all four brothers. They did grow up in a villa in LA. Hence, the childhood memories were all sweet and sound. His family does have lineage of being famous.

Shaun Cassidy Spouse and Marriages

Shaun had married thrice in his life to three different women.

  • In 1979, Ann Pennington married Shaun Cassidy. It was Shaun’s first marriage and Ann’s second, who was in a relationship with Stephan H. Wilson from 1967 to 1975. Ann, who was a famous model of her time, did part ways with Shaun in 1993. Ann did not marry after that but Shaun did.
  • In 1995, Shaun married to Susan Diol, who is a well-known American television actress. It was the second marriage of both. But they did part ways in 2003. After that Susan married twice and Shaun married once.
  • After two ups and downs, he did find Tracey Lynne Turner who is the least famous out of her three wives. But this marriage has managed to be a success as they have not parted ways. The pair did marry in 2003 and it did make Shaun settled in his marriage life.

Shaun Cassidy Children

Cassidy is famous to have 5 children… here is the list

Caitlin Cassidy

Caitlin Ann Cassidy better known as Caitlin Cassidy is the first child of Shaun. This was the outcome of Shaun’s first marriage with model Ann Pennington. She came to this world on 25 November 1981. Hence, Charlotte Cassidy, William Cassidy, Paul Jones, Marjorie Williams are the great grandparents of Caitlin. However when was around 12 years of age, her parents did part ways. It was a very hard time for her to settle in. She is an actress and is known for her roles in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (2016), The Ascent (2010) and The Last Ship (2014).

John Cassidy

His first son and second child is John Cassidy. He is a well-known TV producer. John did grace this world on 27 February 1985 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Caitlin and John do have same great grandparents.

Juliet Cassidy

The third child of the legendry singer came in 1998. Her second daughter Juliet Cassidy was born on 19 March 1998. It does reflect his time with Susan Diol. Hence, the great-grandparents of Juliet are Charlotte Cassidy, William Cassidy, Paul Jones and Marjorie Williams. She is an actress and has played some roles.

Caleb Cassidy

His second son and forth child Caleb Cassidy did come to this world on 3 March 2005. He reacts Shaun’s third and current marriage with Tracey Lynne Turner. It means Charlotte Cassidy, William Cassidy, Paul Jones and Marjorie Williams are his great-grandparents.

Roan Howard Cassidy

A year later, on 23 September 2006, his youngest child/son Roan Howard Cassidy was born. It was the second child of Shaun and Tracey Lynne Turner together.

These are the five children of Shaun’s with three different wives. Two are with his first wife, one with second and two with third and present. All of these five siblings are very close to each other.

Shaun Cassidy Professional Career

Shaun is a celebrated western singer who rose to fame in 1970s. It was the time he did some of his finest work. Even his siblings have had done a great job in Hollywood. From marrying models to actress, Shaun has seen all the highs and lows.

Shaun was born in a rich family and he and his siblings did carry the legacy forward. His active years are 1976 onwards. He is known for playing Guitar and piano. Over the years, he has done many concerts all over the but mostly in Europe and North America. Not to forget, he did work as an actor and writer also. In every decade since 1970s, Shaun has given his best of work. He did make his acting debut in 1976 and has worked like a proper actor.

Shaun Cassidy’s Social Media

Shaun Cassidy is on social media where he does use Twitter the most. He did join Twitter in August 2014 and has over 104k followers. One can see his latest work updates on Twitter @shaunpcassidy. He is on YouTube with 3.1K subscribers. But on YouTube, he is not that keen to update things.

Shaun Cassidy Net Worth

Shaun Cassidy is a very rich professional with a net worth of USD 30 million as of 2023. He has gained a lot of money in his career in music and film industry in multiple positions. Shaun is a fan of luxury and does like to spend money on fashion and villas. He has had done a lot of charity in his career and that too in millions.


Q Who is Shaun Cassidy?

He is a famous American singer, actor, writer, and producer.

Q How many children does Shaun Cassidy’s have?

He is blessed to have 5 children  – Caitlin Ann Cassidy, Roan Howard Cassidy, Juliet Cassidy, Caleb Cassidy and John Cassidy.

Q What happened to Shaun Cassidy’s?

He is still active as a singer and does perform here and there. But he is not as active as he was form 1970s to 2000s.

Q Who is Shaun Cassidy’s present wife?

Tracey Lynne Turner is the wife of Shaun since 2004.

Q Did Shaun and David Cassidy have the same mother?

Shaun and David shared have same fathers but different mothers.

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