TRAVELMontigo Resort Nongsa: One of the Hotels in Batam You Need to...

Montigo Resort Nongsa: One of the Hotels in Batam You Need to Know

Batam is one of Indonesia’s most famous cities, one of the industrial and tourist places, of course. Not only that, but this area also has many visitors from local and international, so it is not surprising that there will be so many hotel in Batam.

The location of Batam is also very close to Singapore, so this city is one of the cities that is visited by quite a lot of people starting from people who are just transiting, for business purposes, to traveling in Batam itself.

Hotels in Batam offer a variety of places to stay, ranging from one star to five stars. Starting from the price of a cheap place to stay to an expensive one, so you don’t have to worry anymore about finding a place to stay that you can rent.

Maybe there is one hotel which you can use as an option to stay when you visit Batam, namely Montigo Resort Nongsa. The hotel is situated on a relatively quiet stretch of hillside overlooking the South China Sea.

The Best Hotels in Batam

So, Montigo Resorts Nongsa has become one of the 5-star hotels that are quite pleasant, with its primary location located in Batam and only 50 minutes from Singapore.

This hotel features 100 rooms of modern white villas draped on the hillside. You can also relax at TIIGO Beach Club to enjoy the sunset while lying on the cabana bed, which is quite comfortable.

Each well-appointed with a contemporary design and blended with Indonesian accents, most of the villas are built with private pools and luxurious amenities that promise the complete island serenity you desire. Do you like to travelling ? then you must know about Action Camera Flashlight Which will help you to capture every beautiful moment of your journey forever.

Villas Offered

There are four types of villas that you can rent: Premiere One Bedroom Villa, Premiere Deluxe Two-Bedroom Villa, Premiere Three & Four Bedroom Villa, and Premiere Five-Bedroom Villa.

  • Premiere One Bedroom Villa

For Premiere One Bedroom Villa, you can enjoy a very delicious breakfast. You can enjoy the art view without doing anything and enjoy the stunning sea view and refreshing water in your private swimming pool.

  • Premiere Deluxe Two-Bedroom Villa

At the Premiere Deluxe Two-Bedroom Villa, you can have a party with your friends to sit and chat while lazing by the colors changing at sunset.

  • Premiere Three & Four Bedroom Villa

For Premiere Three & Four Bedroom Villa, you will get a master three & four-bedroom villa that is the ideal destination for your next holiday. Each well-appointed villa with butler service offers a unique configuration, featuring three and four modern en-suite bedrooms, a living and dining area, kitchen, dressing room, and a spacious terrace with several plunge pools and cabanas.

  • Premiere Five Bedroom Villa

Lastly is the Premiere Five Bedroom Villa, with five bedrooms. You will experience the taste of royalty and divine treatment with the exclusivity of space and the appointment of premium butler service. Each villa has five en-suite bedrooms, furnished with living and dining areas, a kitchen, luxurious bathrooms, and a fully furnished lounge terrace overlooking the heart of the ocean.

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Other Facilities You Can Enjoy

You can also enjoy culinary snacks at a restaurant near the beach by enjoying quite delicious Indonesian food and snacks and some relatively fresh snacks while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere at the poolside restaurant.

The hotel also offers several things to improve your fitness, such as decadent relaxation treatments at the Montigo Spa, unique rituals and massages, body scrubs, etc. For more updates, visit:

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