TRAVELHow Private Jet Travel is Changing the Game for Music Tours

How Private Jet Travel is Changing the Game for Music Tours

For people in the music industry that travel extensively on tours, there are always questions about how to best travel from each venue. One of the primary ways that group members often travel is by bus, which has caused some logistical problems when booking shows.

Finding the Best Mode of Travel For Musical Groups That Are Touring The Country

While buses often serve multiple purposes for musical groups as they often carry equipment as well as performers, it can be very taxing on people in the group. It can also limit their ability to be available for interviews in other parts of the country if the request comes at a time when they are scheduled to be hundreds of miles away the next day. While commercial airlines are always an option, the ability to utilize them can be challenging depending on their flight schedules and how close to their next venue the flight is.

Private Charter Jets As An Alternative For Travel

Using private charter jets for musicians, vocalists, and performers is often the perfect solution when there is a tight schedule. Private charter jet usage allows performers to free up substantial amounts of time to be available for interviews, recordings, and performances. This is true even if these other engagements are hundreds of miles away from a concert they are scheduled to do the next day, even if the venue is in a smaller town.

Because private jets use smaller airports, they have access to hundreds more locations to travel to and from than commercial locations. They are also available based on their client’s needs versus having to follow a schedule the airline runs every day to accommodate the general public.

Other Benefits to Private Jet Charter Services

Private jet charter services can substantially reduce performer fatigue which is a well-known problem among touring performers who spend significant time on touring buses. Private jet companies are the perfect solution for performers looking to squeeze in some much-needed downtime, family time, or creative time. It allows performers to take a few days off back home while the touring bus continues on to its next destination with other members or equipment.

Additionally, because private jet service allows people to drive their vehicles right to the tarmac, there is little need to worry about overexposure to the public. This can help protect against any security worries for their safety compared to traveling on a commercial airline. This also cuts down on any concerns about how much and what types of baggage are allowed to be brought on the flight.

What to Look For In A Private jet Service

It’s important when looking at hiring a private jet service to understand what you are getting for your money. That means being clear about what the flight fees are as well as the cost to fly. It’s essential to check the airline’s history, whether they provide any services for refreshments and any other amenities on the flight. Larger private jets allow travelers greater comfort and freedom. It’s also essential to make sure the company has a good reputation and how they handle any unexpected delays and mechanical issues if the flight needs to be diverted or delayed for any reason.

Performers need to know that the private service they are hiring can provide a backup flight if the need arises. While flying in a private chartered jet is more expensive than traditional flying, the benefits they provide often outweigh any cost differences there may be. Contacting the private charter firm to discuss travel arrangements and any specific needs that the performers have, such as making multiple stops to pick up or drop off performers, should be well planned in advance.

While some of these arrangements can be made with little notice on some occasions, it is recommended that customers have their route and flight itinerary well planned when they contact the private charter service and should be done several weeks before. This ensures the flight is secured and booked on their schedule with few worries of problems arising. Any changes that need to be made to the itinerary once the flight is booked can be done after the booking is complete.

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