BUSINESSFrom Outsourcing to Renting: Top Ways Landscaping Businesses Can Save on Costs

From Outsourcing to Renting: Top Ways Landscaping Businesses Can Save on Costs

Landscaping businesses can be costly to run, with expenses ranging from equipment maintenance and labor costs to supplies and marketing expenses. However, there are ways to save on costs without compromising on quality or service. From renting to outsourcing and beyond, these are the top ways you can start lowering your operating costs to bring home a healthier profit today: 

What to Rent

There are several areas will you will want to rent, rather than own. You may be able to find a rent-to-buy option that gives you the best of both worlds, but don’t worry if there isn’t one. You’ll still save by renting these: 

  • Equipment

One of the most significant expenses for landscaping businesses is equipment. Instead of investing in new equipment or outsourcing to a third party, renting equipment from can be a cost-effective alternative. Renting equipment allows businesses to pay only for what they need, saving them money on maintenance and repair costs.

  • Workspace

Another way to save on costs is to rent space instead of owning it. Renting a space for your business can save you money on mortgage payments, maintenance, and repairs. By renting, you can also avoid property taxes and other costs associated with owning a building. That being said, you could technically rent out a large warehouse you own to bring in a secondary income, so work out the expenses and see where your finances are at first before making any big moves. 

When to Outsource 

Outsourcing is, essentially, renting labor. It’s the best way to bring on more people without taking on the in-house costs, particularly if you only need them for a single job or help at a certain time of year (like tax season). You can hire seasonal workers, and have a list of freelancers you hire per job rather than keeping them on the payroll. Other specialists to outsource to are tax experts, marketing experts, and so on. If you are ever unsure, go with an agency. Hiring them will give you access to top talent for everything from bookkeeping to advertising. 

Other Ways Landscaping Businesses Can Save

Renting and outsourcing, of course, won’t help you save everywhere. These tips will help you continue saving across the board: 

  • Schedule Jobs More Efficiently 

Planning and scheduling jobs efficiently can save landscaping businesses time and money. By scheduling multiple jobs in the same area or on the same day, businesses can reduce transportation costs and time spent traveling between job sites. Efficient planning can also help businesses avoid downtime, resulting in lost revenue. Not only that, but you’ll immediately offer more value to your clients, which can increase business through word-of-mouth marketing and referrals. 

  • Purchase Supplies in Bulk 

Purchasing supplies in bulk can be a cost-effective way for landscaping businesses to save on costs. Buying supplies in large quantities can result in significant discounts and reduced transportation costs. However, businesses should be mindful of their storage space and only purchase supplies they can use before expiration.

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