BUSINESSConsiderations When Hiring affordable labour from a Staffing Agency

Considerations When Hiring affordable labour from a Staffing Agency

The workforce in Sydney and the Australian workforce as a whole are just not what they were like before, plain and simple. Thanks to the growth in the appetite of companies that struggle to achieve profitability while the cost of labour and materials always seems to rise. The private sector witnessed a growth of 2.0% in the March quarter of 2021, while the public sector witnessed a 0.5% growth. Overall, labour costs have increased by 1.5%.

Sometimes, businesses may need access to skilled workers to keep up with the spikes they may witness when they see a surge in demand for their services. While recruiting and training workers may take time, the companies may lose out on the opportunities that present great rewards while requiring them to act quickly. Another case where the businesses may require additional workers may arise from the changing seasons, where some parts of the year would present more work than others. So how does one stand to take stock of the demands and ramp up the workforce while not making the mistake of hiring an excessive labour force that could prove to be an impediment later?

This is where a recruitment organisation or staffing agency comes in. They hire and train workers for the tasks and challenges they may encounter in specific industries of their liking and commit full-time to honing their skills and experience for positions at different organisations on a temporary and permanent basis.

This article consists of a few suggestions to find affordable labour hire in Sydney from such organisations.

Find a Staffing Agency That is Industry-Specific

While you could find trained employees through a traditional hiring process, this time-consuming task involves searching for qualified candidates, which could take days, weeks, or even months.

On the other hand, you can make sure you find qualified and affordable labour to hire in Sydney in areas specific to your industry, be it construction or the hospitality sector and who would be ready to come to start work at any given point in time and can work permanently at your business or for a specific period till you require their services.

Ensure the Recruitment Agency Handles the Additional Costs

Most good recruitment agencies provide employee benefits like dental and medical insurance. This is an indicator that the organisation pays close attention to the well-being of their employees, which in turn shall reflect in their work output. A good agency recruitment organisation can also lower your tax burdens and other major employer expenditures like PTO, workers’ compensation, etc.

Checking the Reputation of the Organisation

Conduct a quick background check of the organisation online. There are various platforms and forums where you can uncover red flags and avoid several issues later on. You could also ask the agency for referrals of previous or existing clients and learn about their experiences. A company with a good track record would be more than willing to showcase its work without hiding anything.

Ensure the Organisation is Properly Vetting its Workers Up-Front

One of the most important factors to consider is the extent to which they can go when vetting their candidates or applicants. Being complete and thorough with the onboarding process ensures that you wouldn’t have to deal with the burden of going through several checks on the workers. Some key points to keep an eye on would be:

  • Drug Testing
  • Background Screening
  • Reference Checking
  • Legitimate Qualifications and Certifications
  • Experience

Final Remarks

A recruitment agency with a massive pool of qualified workers can ensure that your needs are properly matched with skilled labour. It will leave no stone unturned in helping you meet your requirements and demands while offering affordable labour to hire in Sydney.

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