OTHERSDemon Slayer Aesthetic: Anime Craze Everywhere

Demon Slayer Aesthetic: Anime Craze Everywhere

The anime craze has spread all over the world, among youngsters, gamers, and people who are really into south Asian culture and aesthetics. These Japanese animated stories are to be taken lightly, most of these have a very strong storyline and graphics which make them not suitable for small kids. Anime has pretty good-looking characters and fashion is on point. Of all the things Japan is known for, Anime is one of the most famous and exciting among them all and this is exactly why you should give anime a try. Demon Slayer Aesthetic is one strong recommendation for an authentic yet futuristic fantasy story.

More about Demon Slayer Aesthetic

Demon Slayer is an anime series aired on Japanese Television channels. It is based on a manga with a similar name and it was aired in 2019. Haruo Sotozaki directed the series, and its characters are designed by Akira Matsushima. A movie is also made inspired by the same adaptation. It is a fictional story about a teenager who is on a quest to kill all the demons and find his sister who has become one of them. If you are getting even a tad bit interested in this then you can on Netflix and watch this amazing anime series.

Get acquainted with the characters: Demon Slayer Aesthetic

There are various characters in this series and also various seasons. You will get to see teams of Demon Slayer Aesthetic and demons. The main characters are Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist of the series and a demon slayer. He is a young boy with tanned skin and a muscular body. Kibutsuji Muzan is the villain in this anime and is the demon king. He always wears extraordinary outfits, like a white fedora, black suit, black loafers, etc. Next in the line is Nezuko Kamado, she is the protagonist`s sister who is turned into a demon. Also, there are many other supporting characters in the series.

The Demon Slayer’s aesthetics and looks:

As we all know that it is a Japanese series, so the aesthetic and looks are inspired by Japan`s culture. However, in this series, you get to see a mix of authentic Japanese looks and some modern/contemporary looks. Like you will see the hero, Tanjiro wearing traditional warrior attire with a green chequered kimono jacket on top. While Nezuko wears a pink kimono with hemp leaves printed on it, along with an obi or a belt which is usually paired with the kimono. She always has bamboo in her mouth to hide her demon fangs. Zenitsu wears an orange and yellow-colored haori and the demon king wears rather modern western clothes as described above.

Demon Slayer Aesthetic
Demon Slayer Aesthetic: Creative

A few of these things got especially famous after the rise of anime series. If you are intrigued with cosplay fashion then you can try the kimono which is a traditional Japanese garment worn by both men and women, a haori which is a jacket worn over the kimono, and a headband tied on your forehead. Choppy hair cut with bangs will be perfect with these looks. You can also grab sweatshirts and t-shirts with Demon Slayer characters printed on them online.

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