OTHERSKenma Aesthetic: Fashion for Anime junky

Kenma Aesthetic: Fashion for Anime junky

Gen z and youngsters, these days are engaged in no. of cultures and Kenma Aesthetic. Their interest in these cultures like Hallyu or Korean wave, anime, kawaii, etc. has made these rise to fame. Every teenager is into something, especially anime has created an immense buzz around the globe and have influenced many. You would surely find someone dressed in an exceptional way on the street, something you don’t usually see. Most commonly, these people follow anime-inspired fashion, also known as cosplay (costume play). It is indeed a fun style to dress up according to your favorite character and with whose personality you relate the most.

All about anime: Kenma Aesthetic

If you don’t already know about anime, then let me tell you that anime originated in Japan. Any hand-drawn and computerized animation is referred Anime (derived from the English word animation). Anime cartoons or series are only specific to japan and produce in the Japanese language, any other animation produced outside of Japan with a similar style to Japanese animation is referred to as anime-influenced animation. There are many comics, dramas, and movies made based on this which are broadcasted straight to T.V or through the internet (Kenma Aesthetic).

Most of the anime characters and stories are inspired by Japanese comics (also known as manga), light movies, and video games. You must be probably wondering what is so special about Anime than other animated characters and movies. Well, well, Compared to Western animation, anime production generally focuses less on movement, and more on the detail of settings and use of “camera effects”, such as panning, zooming, and angle shots.  You must have noticed that there is one common characteristic feature amongst all the Japanese animated characters and that is large and emotive eyes. Interestingly enough, these anime stories and manga have a solid and meaningful plot behind them. 

Haikyu!! And Kenma Aesthetic

Now that you are all filled in about anime, you would probably be interested in knowing about some Japanese anime series. Haikyu!! Is a shonen manga series that particularly targets teenagers and youth and so does this series. Haikyu is a story that revolves around high school students and their volleyball team, also about the relationship between players Hinata Shōyō and Kageyama Tobio.

Kenma Aesthetic
Everything to know about Kenma Aesthetic

There are many characters in this drama and one such character is Kenma Kozume. He was on the volleyball team of his school and was considered to be the heart and brain of his team. Kenma is also a professional gamer, Youtube, CEO in his later years. Kenma is a very reserved person, he is an introvert and does speak much because he is afraid of others’ opinions about him. He is an average height person with golden cat-like eyes and blond hair with blackened roots, a blunt cut. He is usually seen wearing a jersey of his school.

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How to achieve the look:

Kenma aesthetics are quite versatile and can be apt for both men and women. You can wear loose basketball shorts with a jacket. Bleach your hair leaving out the roots and chop them off in a blunt or bob cut. You can use coloured lenses you achieve that cat-like eye look (Kenma Aesthetic).

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