Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer: Bio, Age, Doja Cat Mother

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Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is a American-Jewish artist and painter, famous as the mother of Doja Cat. Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer rose into fame for dropping her music video named Moo! which went viral in 2018. She was born on 1st January, 1963 at Los Angeles in the United States of America. She is also known as the mother of the popular musician and singer, Doja Cat. We can also see her in the renowned show, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Date”. Recently, Deborah’s fame has skyrocketed because of her musician daughter.

Age: Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer

If you are looking for the birthday of Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, we might have to disappoint you. She has not disclosed facts about her birthday yet. But, we know that she is in her 50s as she is 59 years old as of 2022. As soon as we find the date when she was born, we will let you know. Furthermore, we also do not know what zodiac sign Deborah belongs to.

Height and Weight: Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer has an average height of 5 feet 7 inches. Because of her slim figure, she looks pretty tall. Her weight is 52 kg and she is mostly seen with short hair. Deborah has not opened up about her fitness routine yet. But, she might be involved in yoga as she still looks so fit and fine. As compared to others of her age, she does not have many wrinkles either.

Early Life: Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer was born to Mr. Sawyer and his wife in Los Angeles, California. Deb loved her hometown so much that she still has a house there where she raised her children. She has not revealed much information about her parents which is why we do not know their names.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer
Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer with her daughter

In the same way, we do not know if Deborah had any siblings or not. The day she reveals these details, we will immediately inform you. She might have been a college graduate but there is no official information regarding this yet. However, for her lower-level education, Sawyer attended a regional school in California.

Career: Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is an accomplished artist and painter. She is a skillful painter who makes artwork based on oil and wax. Her paintings are meaningful and usually abstract. Deborah has also been cast on a few shows where she has been able to showcase her abilities as an actress. She got to be a part of shows like “Friends Don’t Let Friends Date” and “Martyrs- The Chronicles of Blood’. Sawyer acquired the talent for painting from her own mother and she mainly paints landscapes of nature.

Deborah’s Husband: Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer was married to her ex-husband, Dumisani Dlamini. Dumisani is a film producer and composer. He was from South-Africa and the couple was happily in love. They tied marital knots and even have two beautiful children together. Deborah met Dumisani when he was on a tour and they instantly fell in love. In addition to that, the duo even had plans to settle down in South-Africa. Unfortunately, they parted ways and ended their relationship.

Net Worth

The net worth of Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is $100 thousand as of 2022. She still makes money from the sales of her artwork and paintings. In fact, the earnings from Sawyer’s career as an artist helped her raise three young children. Deborah lives a modest lifestyle with her income. As she is in her retirement period, she does not really care how much she earns and devotes her time to creating art instead.


Their first daughter was named Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, who is most popular as Doja Cat and the name of their younger daughter is not available. Deborah also has a son but we do not know his name yet.

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Social Media

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is not much active on other social sites but she uses Twitter where she actively tweets about her articles and other personal events. We can see her artwork on her official website: Also, Read More About – How to Impress a Girl at School? |
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