BIODeborah Elizabeth Sawyer: Bio, Age, Doja Cat Mother

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer: Bio, Age, Doja Cat Mother

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is a famous mother who has become an overnight sensation after her daughter Doja Cat becomes a name that the world talks about. However, Deborah did become famous with Doja Cat coming up with hit song after hit song. It has made her a mega celebrity and has let fans know about her father, mother and siblings. And hence, let us know more about Deborah Elizabeth and what makes her special in many different ways.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer Biography

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is a celebrity mother, who is a graphic designer by profession and is known as the mother of American rapper Doja Cat, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini. Deborah comes from white ethnicity and her nationality is American. She was born on January 1st, 1970 in Los Angeles, United States. It makes Capricorn her zodiac sign.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer - Doja Cat Mother

Deborah was just a normal graphic designer.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer Age

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer age is 53 years old. Deborah is a graphic designer who has worked all her life to help her children to make a name outside. She believes in the Jewish religion.

Deborah Elizabeth’s Height, Weight and Physical Stats

Deborah Height is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. She does not do daily exercise but keeps her weight around 52 kg or 114 lbs. She does have blonde hair and brown eyes. The body of Deborah measures around 36-30-37 inches or 91-76-93 centimeters. She has not done cosmetic surgeries like her daughter. The mother of Doja Cat has not even put any tattoos on her body. Her feet size is 7 (US). She does wear a large XL dress. She does not do yoga on a regular basis. However, her daughter is a fitness freak.

Deborah Elizabeth’s Early Life

Deborah Elizabeth was born to Mr. Jason Sawyer and his wife Rita Sawyer in Los Angeles, California. She did grow up with a brother named Tom Sawyer. Tom is 6 years younger than Deborah. Hence, it was Deborah who did grow up as the most pampered child. She was very connected to her grandfather. However, he is not in the world anymore as Deborah’s grandfather passed away in 2002. It was a very sad time for her. His name was Jacobs Sawyer. It does tell a lot about Deborah and the life she did live a great life with her family. Her mother is also no longer in this world.  

Deborah Elizabeth’s Husband and Children

Deborah did marry Dumisani Dlamini in the early 1990s. It did see them welcoming their one and only child Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, now known as Doja Cat. Debora’s husband is an actor who has his roots in Africa. Both did live a good life for a certain time. However, they did part ways a few years later and hence, Doja did not see their parents living together for a large time.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer Husband and Children

From Deborah and Dumisani, Doja does not have any siblings. Deborah did meet Dumisani at a pub. They fell in love and dated for two years before getting married. Back then, it looked as if they are set for life. However, by the end of the 1990s, things did change and it created some lacunae that were very hard to fill and hence, they do part ways.

Deborah Elizabeth’s Daughter Doja Cat Bio, Age and Body Stats

Doja Cat is one of the most famous American rappers of all time. Her full name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini. She was born on 21 October 1995 in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California, United States. That makes her age 27 years old as of 2023. Doja Cat height is 5 feet and 3 inches. She has slim body and maintained her weight around is 55 kg. Her body stats are 35-27-36 inches.

Full NameAmala Ratna Zandile Dlamini
Stage NameDoja Cat
Date Of Birth21 October 1995
Doja Cat Age27 years
Doja Cat Height5 feet and 3 inches
Doja Cat Weight55 kg
Body Measurements35-27-36 inches.
Doja Cat

Dumisani Dlamini is her father and Deborah Elizabeth is her mother. She does not have any siblings in her life which is known to the public. She is American by nationality and has Libra as her nationality. She did grow up in a decently-earning family. At a very young age, Doja got the feeling to rap and become a sensation. The 2010s did work her out very well. It did lead her to make a huge name and become one of the most talked about rappers of the 21st century. Many do call her the best female rapper ever other.

Deborah Elizabeth’s Professional Career

Deborah Elizabeth is an American-Jewish artist, painter, Graphic designer and famous as the mother of Doja Cat. She did start working at the age of 25. Since then, she kept on working until her daughter Doja becomes a famous name and it led around 2015 for Deborah to retire and see her child becoming famous more and more after every year.

She rose to fame for dropping her music video named Moo! which went viral in 2018. She did work in the United States for a long time and now she does follow her daughter and helps her out to plan things out. Even Doja feels that her mother is a good manager, so it is good to have her on the team and working in some capacity. She is also known as the mother of the popular musician and singer, Doja Cat. We can also see her in the renowned show, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Date”. Recently, Deborah’s fame has skyrocketed because of her musician daughter

Deborah Elizabeth Social Media

Deborah is not on social media. Despite fans of Doja like to know more about her, she does not post many family pictures on Instagram and all. But her Doja has 22.6 million followers in Instagram and more on others social media platform. Deborah does not have her social media as she feels that it is not her cup of tea. This does show that she is old school and wants to stay away from the toxic world of social media. Otherwise, her daughter’s fame would captivate many people to follow her.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer‘s Net Worth

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer holds a net worth of USD 1 million as of 2023. She has worked all her life and then Doja being her daughter has helped her to reach to this level. Her daughter Doja Cat net worth is $10 million approx. This does tell a lot about Deborah and the impact she has made to help children in South America with basic education funds. She just has 10 luxury bags and two luxury cars. Out of which, one has been given to her by Doja in 2021. She does like to spend money on helping others more.

Deborah Elizabeth’s Hobbies and Trivia

  • Deborah Elizabeth is the mother of American rapper Doja Cat.
  • Deborah is a professional painter and graphic designer.
  • She likes to paint, swim and spend time with family and friends.
  • Pink is the color that Deborah likes the most.
  • She is not a huge fan of sports.
  • ACDC is an all-time beloved music band of Deborah.
  • Deborah’s only child is Doja Cat.
  • She does like Indian cuisine the most.
  • Deborah grew up in Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • Deborah does like to eat Panner Tikka Masala the most.
  • She does not smoke.
  • Deborah likes to drink wine.
  • She does not how to drive the car.


Q Who is Doja Cat Mother?

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is the mother of Doja Cat.

Q What does Doja Cat Mother do?

Doja Cat Mother Deborah Elizabeth is a painter and graphic designer by profession.

Q How did Deborah Elizabeth and Dumisani Dlamini meet?

Deborah Elizabeth and Dumisani Dlamini did meet at a tour where Dumisani Dlamini was working in.

Q Is Doja Cat parents Indian?

No, Doja Cat parents are not Indian Dumisani Dlamini is her father and he does have African heritage and mother is from America and has white ethnicity.

Q Who are Doja Cat parents?

Dumisani Dlamini and Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer are the parents of Doja Cat.

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