HEALTHWinter Diffuser Blends {24+ Winter Essential Oil Blends}

Winter Diffuser Blends {24+ Winter Essential Oil Blends}

It’s true, you can’t get away from the cold, but you can make it a little easier by using a few essential oils to bring some warmth into your home. Essential oils can do more than just make you feel good. They can help you de-stress, relax, calm down, and feel good all at once. Winter can often mean dry skin and chapped lips, but what can you do to keep your skin soft and hydrated? Using essential oils is a great way to nourish your skin while making sure it stays soft and healthy throughout the winter. It’s also a great way to feel a little more special. Only a couple of drops of your winter essential oil blends into a diffuser can help you relax.

Winter is typically associated with long nights of cozying up by the fire. It’s important to be mindful of the cold, however, and protect yourself from seasonal illnesses. You can do this by using cold- and flu-fighting essential oils such as lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, and peppermint which can be found at gya labs essential oils online store. You can also use essential oils for respiratory issues such as sore throat and bronchitis, since many essential oils act as anti-inflammatory agents. Some other essential oils that you can use in winter include frankincense, ginger, lemon balm, and rosemary. But what if we blend them? How’d that be? Read more to find out!

Why Blend Essential Oils?

We blend essential oils to maximize the healing power of each one. While they’re all great for different purposes, certain oils are more versatile and beneficial when used in combination with others. Aromatherapy experts suggest that blending is an effective way to increase the therapeutic power of oils and maximize their benefits.

For example, the smell of eucalyptus is familiar and relaxing, but eucalyptus can also induce anxiety, so when we blend eucalyptus with chamomile, the two together can have a calming effect on the mind and promote sleep.

Blending also creates synergy — or the effect of combining two or more ingredients that work together to create greater effectiveness. We’ve observed that when we combine eucalyptus and lavender, it provides powerful pain relief. The combination of both oils is said to stimulate and calm the nervous system.

Blending also allows us to utilize the best aspects of each oil. The smell of eucalyptus is stimulating, but it’s not very long-lasting. That’s why we add lavender to make it last longer. Lavender is known to promote sleep and relax the body, so we include that to create an overall calming effect.

24+ Winter Diffuser Essential Oil Blends

1) Citrus Tree: Zesty smell will help with uplifting mood.

1 drop lime + 1 drop orange + 5 drops lemon

2) Mint Alert: Menthol aroma will increase alertness and induce freshness.

2 drops peppermint + 3 drops thyme

3) Floral: This floral scent will help boost mood and relieve stress.

2 drops lavender + 3 drops rosemary

4) Odorless: This fragrance makes the environment fresh and purified.

2 drops lemon + 1 drop cilantro + 1 drop rosemary

5) No cold: Relief from cold and flu, this aroma will make your winters a lot more warm.

4 drops eucalyptus + 3 drops cypruss + 2 drops lemon

6) Go away headache: The best headache treatment this winter season!

2 drops myrrh + 4 drops peppermint + 2 drops thyme

7) Sinus relief: The go-to sinus treatment this christmas season!

2 drop lavender + 3 drops geranium + 7 drops rosemary

8) Plum: Sweet scent for the holiday spirit!

5 drops orange + 3 drops cinnamon

9) Christmas delight: A blend of rustic scents to lift the mood.

3 drops frankincense + 3 drops myrrh

10) Peppermint gift: The best candy cane diffuser blend!

3 drops peppermint + 3 drops lime

11) Carol time: Joyful aroma blend

5 drops spearmint + 4 drops bergamot

12) Holiday: This diffuser blend sure gives the holiday feels.

3 drops lemon + 2 drops cinnamon

13) Homesick: This blend is sure to make you feel homesick.

2 drops cardamom + 3 drops orange + 3 drops cinnamon

14) Jingles: This one is for the folks who prefer fruity scents.

5 drops grapefruit + 2 drops peppermint +1 drop cinnamon

15) Cozy mornings: This diffuser blend will light up your mornings!

3 drops copaiba + 2 drops lavender + 1 drop cedarwood

16) Holy: This diffuser blend consists of refreshing citrusy aromas and woody scents.

4 drops bergamot + 1 drop cinnamon

17) Luxury: This scent speaks luxury in every note.

5 drops lavender + 2 drops peppermint + 6 drops rose

18) Soothing: This scent will soothe and relax your mind.

4 drops cedarwoord + 2 drops copaiba + 3 drops geranium 

19) Anti-stress: Sit by the fire and enjoy your cup of coffee while inhaling on this scent!

3 drops cypress + 2 drops lemon 

20) Very Merry: Citrusy scents for a fresh start!

3 drops lemongrass + 6 drops orange + 3 drops lemon

21) Festive time: Enjoy the holidays with this diffuser blend.

6 drops pine + 4 drops cardamon

22) Vanilla bean: This diffuser blend has notes of ginger, vanilla and cinnamon.

3 drops ginger + 1 drop cinnamon + 1 drop vanilla

23) Nostalgia: This is a woody scent; a mix of frankincense and copaiba.

6 drops of frankincense + 3 drops of copaiba

24) Romance: This scent is sure to bring out the romance during the holiday season!

2 drops eucalyptus +1 drop patchouli

25) Feeling the vibe: This scent is sure to bring out the festive vibe, you can’t get enough of this.

2 drops basil + 1 drop thyme

How to Use an Essential Oil Diffuser

There are two main types of diffuser, the fan and the static.

How to Use a Fan Diffuser

Set the fan diffuser in the corner of a room. Turn on the fan and leave the diffuser on. When the fan runs, the air is filled with the essential oil.

You can adjust the speed of the fan by turning the dial on the side of the diffuser.

If the diffuser runs out of the essential oil, turn it off and wait a few minutes to see if the oils are running low again. If they are, turn the dial on the side of the diffuser back to “off” or to the lowest setting.

Note: you may need to use more than one diffuser to fill a large room. The best diffusers have a “continuous” setting, which continuously releases the essential oil. If your diffuser does not have this setting, try using two diffusers in tandem.

How to Use a Static Diffuser

Place the diffuser in a warm, dry area. Heat the water to approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Turn on the diffuser. The essential oil is released into the air as the water heats.

Continue to heat the water for approximately five to ten minutes, until the desired level of the essential oil is reached.

The diffuser should keep the essential oil at a consistent concentration for several hours. After that, the concentration of the oil drops off

Whatever the blend, we hope that you have a happy and blessed holiday season!

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