HEALTHFrequently Asked Questions before Getting an Eye Surgery Lasik in Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions before Getting an Eye Surgery Lasik in Sydney

Medical professionals and researchers work diligently to find new and better cures for medical conditions. As one of the most vital sense organs, your eyes deserve the utmost care. Infections and complications related to the eyes are unfortunately common (6.3 million Australians have myopia), which is why medical experts have developed Lasik surgery—to cure and restore vision. If you have questions about getting an eye surgery Lasik in Sydney, this guide will answer them.

#1 What is Lasik Surgery?

Lasik or laser eye surgery is a surgery that primarily focuses on repairing vision. In many cases, poor vision is related to the cornea. When the cornea is misshapen, light cannot focus on the back of the eye, leading to blurred vision. Lasik reshapes the cornea using a laser beam quickly and painlessly, thus restoring and correcting the vision. Now, you will not have to squint when looking at a painting in the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

#2 Is Laser Eye Surgery Safe?

Surgeries are often associated with pain and anxiety, and understandably so. You can rest assured, though, because Lasik is an extremely safe operation. While there is a chance of potential risks and complications in all surgeries, research shows the demand for eye surgeries in Sydney will increase in the next five years due to its positive results.

#3 How Does Lasik Work?

The primary function of Lasik is correcting the cornea’s shape so that light can fall on the retina without using contact lenses or prescription glasses.

  • The first step toward correcting the vision is creating a flap on the cornea. Your eye surgeon uses laser beams to place the flap without additional tools. Unlike conventional or old-school methods, using lasers to develop the flap significantly reduces eye-related complications and keeps your cornea safe.
  • After placing the flap, the surgeon gently pushes it aside so that the laser can fix the cornea’s shape without interruptions or obstructions.
  • Finally, once the cornea reverts to its correct shape, the flap is gently placed back to its original position—over the fixed cornea. It attaches itself to the eye tissue seamlessly, quickly, and painlessly. Since laser surgery works on precision, the recovery period is small and quick, allowing patients to see better and clearly within a day or two.

#4 Can Everyone Opt for Lasik Surgery?

While Lasik reshapes the cornea for better vision, the surgery only suits some. Your surgeon will check your eyes during the initial consultation sessions to determine whether it works for you. The doctor or the clinic will inquire about your medical history and run tests on your eyes to check the following:

  • Your eyes’ dryness
  • Your pupil’s size
  • Your cornea’s shape
  • Your eyes’ refraction rate and level
  • Your cornea’s thickness

#5 What Does Lasik Treat?

Usually, people opt for Lasik to treat myopia, hypermetropia, or astigmatism. Astigmatism, a refractive error, is one of Sydney’s most common eye problems, and Lasik treats it.

#6 How is Lasik’s Recovery Period?

Unlike standard eye surgeries, Lasik’s recovery period is short and safe. You’ll be able to enjoy the Sydney Roosters in action, and they will look more human than amoebic on the TV screen. Your eyes begin healing soon after the operations. You might experience headaches and blurred vision for the first couple of months or weeks, as tissues might need time to adjust to the new cornea. However, if the problem sustains after the six-month mark, it would be best to schedule a doctor’s appointment.

Wrapping Up

Going for an eye surgery Lasik in Sydney will do wonders for your eye. The quick and painless procedure will treat your eyes within minutes, helping you see better. Your eyes will be in safe and experienced hands; you can sit on the chair with a clear heart and mind.

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