BUSINESSUnderstanding the Class B CDL Driver Job

Understanding the Class B CDL Driver Job

When thinking about how to get into the truck driving business, having all the information about the various titles and requirements is extremely helpful. That way, you can apply for positions that you are qualified for and get to grips with the lifestyle more easily. This guide has all the information about Class B CDL jobs that you need to know. 

Key Terms

There will be a few abbreviations in the post that you can refer back to here.

  • CDL: Commercial Driver’s Licence
  • GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

What Is a Class B CDL Driver Job?

A Class B CDL driver job is made for vehicles with a GVWR of 26,000 lbs or more. This qualification also allows the driver to tow up to a weight of 10,000 lbs. This is a fairly big undertaking and it’s important to note that the key difference between Class B and Class A CDL licenses is that Class B vehicles don’t get hitched up to any kind of trailer.

What Kind of Vehicles Require This Licence Type?

There are generally four categories of vehicles that call for a Class B license. When you fulfill all of the requirements, you could drive a city bus, a box truck, a delivery truck, or a dump truck. This opens up lots of job opportunities across the globe and therefore makes your professional prospects highly flexible. 

How Old Do Drivers Have to Be?

There is a minimum age bar that you have to meet if you’re looking to pursue this career path. Unlike a regular license, which you can get at a younger age, to operate a vehicle of this weight and capacity most states demand that the person behind the wheel is at least 21 years old. Some states, though it is only a handful, allow for 18-year-olds to become qualified. They would, however, be restricted to driving in only that state because as soon as they enter an area where a driver must be 21, their license is no longer valid. 

What Are the Steps to Take to Become a Driver?

So, how do you actually get the ball rolling and train for your license? Follow the four steps below to help you find the right direction. 

Understand Your State Requirements

Every state is different when it comes to acquiring a Class B qualification. Some states have different age requirements as discussed above, and others have varying health profiles to adhere to. Class B CDL driver jobs Kansas City may look entirely different from ones in New Jersey, for instance. 

Acquiring a Permit

Then there is the actual test to do. This is a practical exam and a written one, and each part has to be passed sufficiently to secure the CDL permit. The top priority here is to ensure any route you’re pursuing is provided by a credible source, so always check out the reputational factors of the educational center before spending any money or investing any energy into their program. 

Learning About DOT Inspection

Every Class B CDL driver has to understand the basics (and more) of DOT inspections. There is an expectation that you will maintain the vehicle you drive to a roadworthy standard, and to do this, you must learn about what is required. Each local delegation and company will have different standards to meet, so check these out before taking on a position so you have all the information before you get started. 


These are like an add-on to the main license and allow a driver to carry things like toxic materials in their truck. 

Why Is This Job Worth Pursuing?

What’s all the buzz about these types of jobs? CDL roles are well-known for the perks they bring, and here are four of the best ones. 

Great Salaries

The salaries are highly competitive, and while there is a little variation amongst companies there are always prospects here to earn decent money. 

Health Insurance

Most companies that hire CDL drivers will provide health benefits, which are extremely important and one thing worth looking for if you are job hunting. 


CDL jobs take you anywhere you want to go. There will be set routes, but think about all of the new things and adventures to be found along the way. 


Job security is a big ask in the modern market, so finding something that will give you it is always a bonus. 

Professional Experience

Finally, these roles will allow you to build on your professional experience too. 

CDL Class B jobs are designed for people who love driving long distances out on the open road. There are a lot of perks, but it’s vital to understand the process before diving in. 

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