HEALTHTop 4 Tips to Clean and Care for Your Ski Goggles

Top 4 Tips to Clean and Care for Your Ski Goggles

Are you hesitant to buy new eye gear for the ski season? Thinking you might ruin them as the last ones? You’re not alone. Items such as ski goggles require replacement more often than you expect.

Going skiing without them is not an option. It’s a safety hazard. Because snow is highly reflective and can damage your eyes easily. Also, you can’t buy them every season. They’re heavy on the pocket and not ideal for the planet.

So, what to do? This article will help you make snow goggles last for many seasons.

Here are some valuable tips. Check it out!

Clean it Using Microfibre Cloth or a Bag

Before anything else, never use your jacket’s sleeve to clean it. The lens of the goggles is precious and fragile as well. And your ski jacket or any random piece of clothing isn’t good for cleaning.

If you need to clean the lens, use a 100% microfibre pouch provided with the goggles or a cloth. Keep in mind to dry off the goggles before cleaning.

Also, never scrape the snow or ice off your goggles. It has microscopic ice crystals, which will scratch the lens. To clean your goggles, put them inside the jacket and warm them up. Once the snow melts, wipe them with the microfibre pouch.

Avoid Using Any Product to Clean Goggles

Got finger marks or a bit of dirt on your lenses? Using cleaners and other products for this might seem logical. And you might even feel tempted to use cleaners as you always clean glass surfaces with them. But it’s a big no.

Lens cleaners have chemicals in them that spoil the lens’s coating. Especially when you have anti-fogging goggles, chemicals can harm your lenses.

Avoid Touching the Inner lens.

The inner side of the lens is particularly prone to damage. It’s where the anti-fogging coating stays. Hence, it’s better to leave the goggles inside alone as much as possible. Avoid touching. Avoid wiping it.

However, in the event of a crash or an unexpected slide, snow may get stuck in the inner side of the lens. When that happens, try shaking the snow off, or you can tap the ski goggles against your hand.

If it’s not coming off quickly, place the goggles in your pocket or inside the jacket. Once the snow melts, blot the water dry with the microfiber pouch or cloth. 

Don’t Wear Your Goggles on Beanie or Helmet

It’s among the habits many people love when wearing goggles—placing them over their heads. When you ski or snowboard, it’s natural to wear a beanie or a helmet.

But when you place your goggles over it, the inside of the lens accumulates moisture from perspiration. In turn, it tampers with the anti-fogging coating. Plus, putting the goggles on the head stretches the elastic band unnecessarily.

Caring the Right Way

Once you have got your killer new ski goggles, it’s sensible to care for them. Otherwise, you will find yourself shopping for the new pair in no time. Always store your goggles after they dry out in the microfibre bag given.

It will prevent an unexpected rub against harsh surfaces or objects. Prevention is better, especially when it comes to snow goggles. That’s how you clean and care for the goggles.

Just be ready and go skiing down there.

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