TechThe Powerful Tool of Automatic Writing Psychic Readings

The Powerful Tool of Automatic Writing Psychic Readings

One of the best ways to receive insight from a higher power is through automatic writing psychic readings. Automatic writing or psychography is an ability that goes deeper than conscious insights from psychic readers. Readers may work in waking or trance states, writing words without conscious intention. Learn why automatic writing is a powerful method that can provide unique insights.

Moving Across the Paper

The most basic form of automatic writing involves using a simple writing instrument such as a pen or pencil and blank paper. Psychics who engage in automatic writing may take a moment to clear their minds or call on entities that they wish to channel, such as angels, a higher power or spirit guides, before starting to write. These energies will guide and inform the insights communicated through the process of automatic writing.

An automatic writing session can take any amount of time that you and a reader agree upon as being suitable to respond to an inquiry. Simple yes-or-no inquiries typically require less time and writing, while responses to complex, open-ended queries can take longer. After writing, psychics share what came across during sessions. Further sessions of writing can expand on ideas introduced in previous sessions or respond to related or unrelated queries.

The Messages From A Higher Power You Need to Hear

One of the main benefits of automatic writing is that this method can convey messages in greater detail and clarity than other methods of connecting with a higher power. Writing is persistent, which means that things that are written down are stable and can be referenced throughout a reading and in future readings. Querents can get readings that involve automatic writing online or over the phone.

Automatic writing has a long history of being used for sacred purposes. Spirit writing or Fuji in Chinese folk religion has been practiced by mediums to communicate messages from deities and spirits dating back to the Song dynasty. This method of divination can also build on information from other documents, such as astrological placements in a free birth chart. Psychics who do automatic writing may also rely on other divination tools, such as planchettes, cards, crystals, pendulums or runes.

The Meaning Expressed Through Automatic Writing

Scientific research into automatic writing suggests that this method is an example of the ideomotor phenomenon, which involves unconscious motions, responses or reflexes. Dowsing involves a similar method for locating water, metals, ores, gems or other resources underground. Automatic writing can also provide valuable insights, and is practiced by some of the best finance psychics online as well as readers who specialize in other topics.

If you are interested in psychic readings based on automatic writing, look for readers who have this ability. While you can try automatic writing yourself, psychics who specialize in this method are accustomed to connecting with higher powers and filtering out intrusive presences that can emerge during this process. The insight that can be gained through automatic writing can go beyond the conscious abilities of even the most skilled psychics.

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