TechWhat You Actually Need to Know About Web Hosting Services

What You Actually Need to Know About Web Hosting Services

A professional website with good hosting services is essential for a successful business in this day and age. How can you skip them when most people use the Internet and smart devices to know more about a product or service before buying it? 

For potential customers to find your online store or retail outlet, you need a growing online presence, which is possible with a well-designed website and reliable web hosting services. Even a simple website providing your business details, like the products or services you offer, location, hours of operation, and contact number will be vital to identify you. 

A functional website with a unique domain name and most of all, a suitable web hosting plan is essential to have your potential customers find your product, brand, or business. With several web-hosting companies online, you can find a range of web-hosting plans offering features like disk space, data transfers, websites, and email accounts. Nonetheless, it is essential to find a provider who can offer the best feature-packed plans suitable for your business.

Most website hosting providers offer virtual private servers (VPS), shared, and dedicated hosting services to suit a business of any type. Further, they also give your other services like domain name registration, email hosting, and SSL certificate. Finding the best web hosting company is essential for the long-term success of your business. 

Here are a few essential aspects to think about before signing up for a hosting service.

  • Type of hosting plans offered

When looking for a reliable hosting company, look for the plans they offer. Are they feature-packed with a hosting control panel to manage your domains, websites, and emails from one place, quick app installations, personal email accounts, and 24-hour service? 

Moreover, decide on the server types as they include dedicated, shared, and VPS to help your website remain active online at the price you can afford. If your business is in the early stage or small, you can choose a shared hosting plan. For instance, a simple plan offers you 15 GB of disk space with 10 email accounts and unlimited data transfers. You can start with it and upgrade it for more storage space when the website develops. 

You can go for dedicated or VPS hosting in the future if you are looking for more space to store your web files. Most businesses today opt for VPS hosting, for they can have their own private space through virtualization technology. With it, you can maintain full control of your server space by customizing it with your own applications at an affordable price. Check for the features such as cPanel web manager, parked domains, and email features.

  • Round-the-clock customer support

A good hosting plan will come with 24-hour customer support and a 99.9 percent network service-level agreement (SLA). Since your website is always active online, you may have technical issues anytime. Ensure that you have quick access to the technical team for expert advice through chat, phone, and email. It will help prevent any website downtime or virus attacks, which are common these days. 

  • Money-back guarantee

If you are new to web hosting or looking for a better option, find a web host that offers all types of hosting plans suitable for any business or eCommerce store, with a money-back guarantee, say for 30 days. Thus, you get to know whether a particular package is suitable for your business or not. If not, you can opt for the next plan, like faster Business hosting or dedicated WordPress hosting.

  • Backup and updates

An ideal web hosting plan should also cover free updates and automatic backup. It should help you update the software with one-click application installations. Moreover, the weekly automatic remote backup of folders and files prevents any data loss. 

  • Advanced security

Your business website will be accessed by many people, which makes its security critical. You should choose a hosting plan that offers remote automatic backups and SSL certificates to safeguard your site from malware attacks. With an SSL certificate, you can have sensitive information on your website encrypted. 

Considering the points given above, you can find a suitable plan with feature-packed web hosting services. It will also include email features like free email accounts and email archiving, as well as unlimited parked domains.

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