OTHERSSimpsons Aesthetic: Most iconic animated sitcom in America

Simpsons Aesthetic: Most iconic animated sitcom in America

Simpsons Aesthetic: Intro

Who doesn`t like cartoons, kids and adults, both can`t resist this magical escape land. For kids, it is a whimsical, magical world that keeps them away from the harsh reality. For adults, cartoons and animations are a source of nostalgia and also guide them away from normal stressful life, even if it is for a while. In the history of cartoons and animations, there have been many iconic and remarkable cartoon shows made. These are getting aired for decades like Mr. Bean, Tom, and Jerry, Powerpuff girls, and The Simpsons. The Simpsons is a decades-old American animated show which is widely loved by kids and adults (Simpsons Aesthetic).

101 about the Simpsons Aesthetic

The Simpsons is an American-origin animated sitcom aired on 17th December 1989. It is created by an animator/cartoonist, Matt Groening for the Fox broadcasting network. The show is a satirical comedy, its story revolves around a family of 5 and their American lifestyle. It is a mockery of the American life portrayed by a dysfunctional family, The Simpsons. This show has been on television for over 30+ years, entertaining generations and generations. The Simpsons have over 33 seasons and more than 700 episodes to binge-watch on the weekend. This is an iconic sitcom that is famous around the globe (Simpsons Aesthetic).

Meet the Simpsons Aesthetic

The Simpsons are a family of dysfunctional people just like every other family in this world. The Simpsons deal with their daily life crisis and ups and downs in such a comical way that it will end up making your jaw hurt due to laughing. There are 5 members in this family, Homer Simpson is a working-class father and the main man.

Simpsons Aesthetic
Simpsons Aesthetic

Marge Simpson or the mother, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, and Maggie Simpson. However, this is not it, there are many characters and a supporting cast that appear in a few episodes over the seasons. Interestingly, the Simpsons were earlier going to be named Simpletons but the former sounded much better. The family lives in the fictitious town of Springfield and depicts the American culture and society in a funny sense.

 Their looks

The Simpsons are yellow and have spiky, straight, and afro hair. These are unlike any other cartoon show. The creator of the series wanted the cartoons to be peculiar in color so that they can become eye-catchy and gather the viewer`s attention. Homer Simpson wears a simple white T-shirt and jeans, while Marge and Lisa wear dresses with chokers, Maggie is a small baby and Bart wears a casual red T-shirt and shorts. The Simpson is quite attractive (Simpsons Aesthetic).

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 Achieve the look:

The Simpsons wear very casual outfits and you can stylize yourselves in minimal too. You can try to pick up any digital print hoodie, shirt, or oversized top which will be printed with a Simpsons quotes, aesthetics of characters. The famous brand Balenciaga collaborated with the Simpsons for its 2021 ad and made the characters walk down the runway. The Simpsons are and always will be everybody’s favorite.

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