TechPixwox: What is it? How to Download Videos?

Pixwox: What is it? How to Download Videos?

Pixwox is a fantastic application that allows users to rapidly browse and save other people’s Instagram stories and updates. How often have you wished you could sneak a peek at a friend’s or acquaintance’s Instagram Story without their knowing? Yes, many of us have secretly seen another user’s Instagram feed. Instagram records views of other users’ stories. There is a method to access it anonymously, and that is via using a third-party website. In this post, you will find everything about Pixwox.

What is Pixwox? 

The Pixwox allows users to magnify and download a high-resolution image of a user’s Instagram profile picture. This handy app can immediately download Instagram videos, photos, highlights, and stories.  

It is possible to utilise this app without having an Instagram account since it may be used to save media for later uploading to one’s Instagram feed or timeline. Instagrammers may see the profiles of their friends and favourite bands to read comments and learn more about the accounts they follow.

The Pixwox app lets you quickly publish high-quality media to your Instagram story. The postings may have your tags and comments added to them. You can copy links and save time by not switching applications thanks to the intelligent bubble service and the option to download full-length videos and photographs from Instagram with the Pixwox for Instagram and Repost app.

Benefits of Pixwox application 

  • Instagram users may use this reader app to create their tales without sharing personally-identifying information.  
  • Even if you haven’t joined them, seeing their private online postings is possible.
  • Visitors to Pixwox are free to view and download content without fear of repercussions.
  • Your activities on Pixwox are only accessible to you and not visible to others.
  • Regarding the Instagram Charge Less app, using this item is entirely risk-free.

How to View and Download Instagram Stories Using Pixwox?

Step 1: Copy a username to watch a user’s Instagram story or video.

Step 2: Navigate to the Pixwox homepage in your preferred web browser.

Step 3: Enter the user’s username whose remark or video you want to save or view in the box provided, and then click the “Search” button.  

Step 4: In the fourth, the Pixwox software will combine and analyse all the narratives before displaying them. If you only want to read or download the postings, go to the website that contains them.

Step 5: A “download” button appears next to each updated file in the fifth step. Simply clicking the provided link will begin the download. This software makes downloading Instagram stories a breeze. The same procedures apply to retrieving shared films and images.


Pixwox is a versatile image editor that may be used for various uses. All the basics of using Pixwox, from uploading photographs to editing them, are covered in this video. By concluding this article, you should thoroughly understand how to use Pixwox and how to view or download stories. Go through our comprehensive tutorial to quickly discover the most easy Pixwox features.


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