TechPixwox - Download Instagram Stories, Video and Images Secretly.

Pixwox – Download Instagram Stories, Video and Images Secretly.

A software that can download Instagram stories for you without revealing your identity. Interesting? A lot of us want to look at someone’s Instagram story and to stalk them. As per Instagram’s policies you can only stalk somebody if their account is public. But, if their account is private then you need to connect with them! In this way, users have to reveal their identity…But, do you know there is a solution? You can stalk or watch someone’s posts, reels, stories without letting them know who you are! We’ve brought to you Pixwox or you can say Pix Wox! 

A platform that will give you access to watch someone’s content in the form of Instagram stories, videos, photos, or other activities. Isn’t it surprising and exciting? Pixwox works as a third party that allows you to enter in it and search anyone’s content. If you want to stream or download anyone else’s Instagram testimonies that too anonymously, then this will assist you!

What is PIXWOX?

Pixwox is a third party website to view and download Instagram videos, stories and photos without revealing your identity. This website allows you to browse public and private accounts without any restrictions. So, with in just a few clicks you can browse profiles, download Instagram stories and post them instantly.

You can use this software to download photos and videos and then repost them on your Instagram account without anyone knowing. By searching the profile of your friends, favorite influencer or content creator, you can read and view their Instagram hashtags, account records, tagged posts, videos, images and other activities.

How to download Instagram Video, Images and Story from Pixwox? Step by step Guide.

How to download Instagram image, video, spotlight, story, and spotlight from Pixwox? Step by step Guide.

There are some steps given beneath that allow you to find out how you can view and download someone’s Instagram video or reels.

  • Step 1: The Instagram account’s username whose tale or video you want to look should be copied.
  • Step 2: Open the internet site using any net browser of your choice. Browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and factor. JavaScript ought to be enabled for it to characteristic.
  • Step 3: Input the username of that individual whose story or video you need to download or see inside the provided input vicinity, then click on the hunt button.
  • Step 4: All the memories can be accrued and processed through the Pixwox’s app before being proven to you. Visit the posts internet page if you want to examine and download the posts.
  • Step 5: There may be a “download” link placed under every of the memories which is probably displayed. You may start the download now with the aid of clicking the hyperlink. This app makes it especially smooth to download Instagram memories. The stairs for downloading post motion pictures and pix are the same as well.

Benefits of Pixwox software

  • You may download unique posts from the Pixwox com without registering alongside your Account.
  • The approaches indexed underneath allow you to download history on your cellular telephone if it isn’t already there.
  • Your Pixwox’s hobby is hidden from each person.
  • For viewing posts that may be downloaded, Pixwox’s offers an at ease environment.
  • The use of this site is almost similar to Instagram and it also free of cost.

Cons Of Pixwox’s software

As you may see above there are numerous advantages to using Pixwox but the good deal has its specialists and cons as nicely. We found a few risk of this software that are listed below.

Dangers of Pixwox software
  • Many negative opinions had been left about the internet site.
  • It regularly is unable to discover the favored account.
  • On social media, Pix wox isn’t always thoroughly identified.
  • It is current to the arena and hasn’t drawn a lousy lot of words.

Pixwox Features

It is a loose app and does no longer need some component or money to download or use. Here you could manipulate how your photographs appear on Instagram. To control snap shots, you can upload a cutting-edge one, change its length, or pick one out of your laptop’s document browser. Your image’s width and pinnacle can be adjusted independently, or with the useful resource of a percentage. Below are some features of this software.

Textures & Frame

You’ll experiment with the manner that shade, shape, and depth are depicted as differences at a picture’s surface. Insert frames however you pick out, too.


On this Feature, you will be able to share the stories or posts which you have downloaded with some other purchaser, Friends or family.


You have got the choice of making an album of your photos inside of this place. you can take entire this Picture or photos by using way of dragging pictures from the report supervisor and make a albums

Filters & results

You may now exchange the brightness and color saturation, add results which includes blur or de-saturation, and ultimately store the edited Instagram pics as initiatives or profiles on this detail.

Quicker and green

You could rapidly view the memories that have been posted with the aid of the people you are following in desire to having to normally browse via your feed. It is good for situations in that you need to keep away from falling at the back of on what goes on together along with your buddy but at the equal time you don’t want to miss a beat.

Brief Downloading

There can be no longer a need to take screenshots, neither is there any problem approximately the video being out of place as quickly because it has been regarded. With Pixwox’s, you could quickly and without issues store memories to the digital camera roll for your tool with just a few touches. It will be easy and good way to retrieve your favorite moments at a later time.

Pixwox’s Alternate site and Apps list


  • Insta Stories
  • Dumpor
  • Instalker
  • 4K Stogram
  • Zoom You
  • Instasave



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We hope that this newsletter will help you undoubtedly to discover the features and downsides of the use of this software. Pixwox’s Instagram software leads to access profiles in addition to the stairs of downloading and viewing someone’s Instagram tale.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is Pixwox?

It is one of free software that allows users to download and browse Instagram secretly

Q. Pix wox alternative sites?

In the market there are a wide range of alternatives to this software. Here are some examples:,,,,, etc.

Q. Pixwox’s alternative application?

Here are some list:- Insta Stories ,Dumpor and Instalker.

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