TechPicuki:- Popular Instagram Viewer and Downloader

Picuki:- Popular Instagram Viewer and Downloader

Picuki is a website or app that is a one-stop solution for downloading Instagram reels, stories, highlights, posts (images and videos) and IGTV. Not only this but there are so many features that the website or app is loaded with. So stay with us and read the full article…

What is Picuki?

In the recent years, Picuki has indeed captured the imagination of the people all over the world. This is one website that allows a person to download reels, stories, highlights, posts (images and videos) and IGTV. And you can do all this even without an Instagram account.

If one wants to look at the content of Instagram without any stipulation, then it is fair to say that Picuki is a tool to use. Like you just need to add the URL of an Insta account for opening the photos and images of a person on the website only and hence, even there is no need to create an account.

They do use the data from Insta’s API, this does help the tool to download any content from Insta’s several account.

How to Use Picuki website Step By Step Guide?

Take a look at the following points for knowing in detail about this website.

  1. The first step would be to open any browser you feel most comfortable with.
  2. On the search bar, enter and press the enter button.
  3. Now one should add the link of the post they want to download, or they can add the username of the account.
  4. After passing the captcha and clicking on Go button, the images, videos or content will open.
  5. Now click on the download button and in few seconds, the file will be available on your system.
  6. It works both with smartphone or desktop.

Why Choose Picuki website?

Follow these rules to get the best out of this website.

  • Search function can allow a person to see the posts that pick certain hashtags. This will help one to keep up to date with latest trends.
  • One can download a number of pictures from the website or app in just one go. It does happen with the help of “Download Now” button.
  • One can use the tool to see the profile picture of an account and even look at the bio.
  • It is better to use the platform to download and use those content that would not breach any piracy and other related issues.

In the end, one can say that this is a tool that help a person to see an Insta account without going into Insta. With just user name or link, one can see a profile of IG.

Features of Picuki App

Picuki app is especially designed for downloading Instagram posts, reel, and stories. Below stated are the top features offered by the tool:

  1. Instagram Profile and Story Viewer: The tool allows users to view someone else’s Instagram story and profile by entering their username.
  2. Download Images, Posts, Stories: Picuki app allows users to download pictures and videos from Instagram accounts. It is especially designed for businesses or individuals who want to keep an eye on their competitors. If you are also wondering about someone else’s Instagram profile then, you can view and download it. 
  3. Hashtag Research: With Picuki, users can search for hashtags and see the top posts associated with the hashtag. This feature is helpful for businesses and influencers who want to increase their visibility on Instagram by using top hashtags on Instagram.
  4. Instagram Profile Analytics: Picuki provides insights into Instagram accounts, including number of followers, followings, and posts. It also shows people tagged under posts or stories. But it doesn’t show the engagement rate of each post and the overall engagement rate of the account.

Picuki APP or APK – How to download?

There are multiple ways to download the app.

  • You can type Picuki APP or APK on browser and download APK file from official website.
  • Now you have to install the app and ready to use.
  • The other way is to go to the Play Store if you have Android and AppStore for Apple users.
  • Type the name of the app and press the enter button.
  • This is it, the app will show and now install the app.

These are two ways to download the app without major problems. And what you can do on website can be done on the app also.

What are the alternatives of Picuki?

Sometimes, if this website is not working or you want some more alternatives. Here are the 7 alternatives that are popular and used for similar reasons.

  • Snapinsta
  • Inflact
  • SaveInsta
  • Pixwox
  • sssInstagram
  • Toolzu
  • FastDL
  • iGram

All these websites are wildly used by the people all over the world for downloading the Instagram content for free. And all of them do work very well.

What are the pros and cons of Picuki?

Just like any other website, it also has pros and cons.


  • For those who want to share a viral content, Picuki does allow them to download content in form of reel, story, IGTV and posts.
  • The website does allow one to see an Insta profile with adding just URL or username.
  • It has downloaded all option also, so at one go you can download all the images. ‘
  • The makers of the website have kept it 100 per cent free.
  • They are approved the website with Google ads, so it shows that they have somewhat legitimacy.
  • Insta has most profile open to all but they do not allow one to open a private profile. So it is a bonus from safety issues.
  • There is no demand of adding any email ID or contact number to start using the website.
  • UI of the website is indeed very good and easy to understand.
  • They have a blog section also, so one can know latest updates from there.


  • For downloading Insta account, it is not in legal partnership with Meta.
  • They are a third-party website to download Insta content.
  • Sometimes the app does not work as best as it can.
  • While downloading a content, one can see so many pop-up ads. It can be frustrating also.

Where the website used the most?

Here are the top 10 countries from ascending to descending order that use the website the most…

  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • India
  • United Kingdom
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • Canada
  • Argentina

It is safe to say that other than India and Canada most of the European nations do use the website and then some South American nations. Italian people do use the website the most as per the data.

Is Picuki unsafe and legit to use?

Picuki is a platform that has ben made so that it can help a person to download view an Instagram profile by entering the URL or username or to download any media file from Insta for free. But it depends on how you do use the app or website.

For example:- If the content is personal to somebody, the it is better to take the permission from the makers. But those files who are sharable, those can be downloaded and it would not be a breach of copyright in most cases.

So in any way, it depends the way one wants to use it. Like many times news channels take the social media video of an event to tell what did happen, then it is not at all copyright as those videos are made to share only.

To the plus side, using this website is free and they have SSL certificate in form of HTPPs on their website. So it the website does become safe and usage and copyright depends on the users as a platform like this can’t tell if this violates copyright or not.

But it is not approved by Instagram to use to download their content or view profile, so one can’t say it is 100 per cent legit or safe.


Picuki is a website or app that has been used to see an Insta profile without log in. They just need profile URL or user name and the same way, one can download stories, highlights, IGTV, reels and posts from Insta. But being a third-party platform, it is best to read everything in detail to know if the website is safe for your and your nation to use.


Q Who is the owner of website?

James Weller is the CEO and owner of the website.

Q What are other names of Picuki?

Many do use “Picuki’s Instagram” or “Instagram picuki” also.

Q How can I see an Instagram DP?

Well, It is a website that allows one to see Instagram dp viewer and Instagram story viewer.

Q Is this website free to use?

As they make money from Google ads, hence, it helps to keep the website free to use.

Q Is Picuki safe?

In case you are not downloading a content which is not to share on other platforms, then downloading content is seen safe.

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