HEALTHEverything to know about infant massage

Everything to know about infant massage

Every parent would have gone clueless about how the very calm babies cry when they are put down to sleep. It is confusing as the baby smiles when picked up and pampered. Thus, when a warm hold can give so much comfort, imagine trying a massage for the baby. 

Extensive studies have revealed the benefits of infant massages, such as reduction in crying and fussiness, improved digestion, elimination of constipation, and a lot more. However, massage must be done right. Do you know that there are trained professionals to carry out infant massage? 

Yes! People are trained with dedicated courses that offer pediatric massage certification. It is always safe to look for professionals who can execute the massage rather than taking things in hand with half knowledge. 

Many new parents have also started taking up the course to learn things professionally and give their kids daily massage for healthy growth. 

Significance of an infant massage

An infant massage stimulates the central nervous system of the baby. This action reflects in the brain by producing more serotonin and less cortisol. Serotonin is a feel-good chemical, and cortisol is a hormone secreted when stressed. So, a massage works to make the baby feel relaxed. When done professionally, a regular infant massage can also improve emotional well-being. 

Benefits of infant massage

Improves sleep 

Massage assures sound and deep sleep to the baby. It primarily works on interaction, stimulation, relief, and relaxation. Through warm touch and massage, a child is calmed down. 

It stimulates good chemical hormones and makes the baby feel relieved and relaxed, leading to a good long sleep. Many studies have revealed how babies fall asleep without irritation after a regular 15 minutes massage every day for a month.

Helps underweight babies to gain weight 

Being underweight is one of the common problems that many babies suffer from. Not every low-weight baby is unhealthy, but some endure health problems and require treatment. 

Usually, underweight problems lead to chronic health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart, lung, and other kidney problems. Thus, additional care is a must need for underweight babies for their overall development and health. Professionals recommend a three-time fifteen-minute massage daily to help underweight babies gain weight.

Improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract

Most babies fall ill with colic, constipation, and gas. It can quickly ruin the mental and physical health of the baby. Infant massages greatly help improve the metabolism and release gas by enhancing the gastrointestinal tract. It helps reduce the pain and discomfort instantly and calms the baby. For more updates , visit:

Relieves the pain during teething 

Consistent pain and comfort are widespread during the period of teething. Sometimes, even adults cannot endure the pain during wisdom tooth growth. So, babies can feel stressed during this phase. Specific massage techniques that relieve endorphins can naturally act as a pain reliever and reduce cortisol secretion, causing stress. 

Better motor development and coordination 

Motor planning, control, and coordination are essential to a baby’s growth. It better describes how efficiently a kid’s body and brain work. It impacts the entire neurological system of the baby and makes the moves happen. Regular massages can improve the motor development of the baby. 

Thus, body massages are a boon to babies. This soothing therapy can be learned professionally by anyone. In recent days, even parents have started taking courses made available by many platforms offering pediatric massage certification to nourish their babies.

Today’s parents are better aware of the benefits of infant massage, and consequently, the course is becoming popular as the demand for infant massage is increasing. It is a wise decision to learn infant massage professionally and develop a deep and loving bond with the baby. 

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