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5 Surprising Effects of Not Getting Enough Sleep

Our body needs sleep to function, yet so many of us don’t get nearly enough of it. Instead, we allow work, family, and other life happenings to take away from our sleep. Unfortunately, not getting enough rest can have serious side effects besides being tired. 

Check out five surprising effects of not getting enough rest. Then, we offer some tips on what you can do to make sure you get enough zzzs! 

1. Fatigue While Driving 

Not getting enough rest can affect how you drive. Being overly tired is not a good scenario when you’re going to and from work. It doesn’t matter how much you’re driving; if you’re tired, you shouldn’t drive. Your focus isn’t as sharp as it is when you’re well-rested. 

In the worse case, you may fall asleep at the wheel. If you start to doze off, pull off to the side of the road. It’s better to have a friend come and pick you up rather than get into a car accident! 

2. Relationship Conflicts 

If you’re tired and grumpy all the time, you may have a more challenging time communicating with others. As a result, you become more forgetful, and you may also find you’re cranky.

With a significant other, you may be able to get away with it (to an extent). But when it comes to communicating with your boss and co-workers, it can have adverse effects. 

To avoid relationship conflict, make sure you’re getting enough sleep. If your relationship itself is causing the loss of sleep, come up with a solution. You must talk it out so that you don’t lose precious hours of sleep over an argument. 

3. Obesity 

If you continue to lose sleep long-term, you may be frequently stressed out. Unfortunately, you may choose to cope with this stress by eating. By overeating, you may gain weight and continue to make unhealthy eating decisions. 

When you begin to gain weight, it may result in other health issues, such as type 2 diabetes. As you can see, it’s vital to get enough rest so that you don’t gain weight. Everyone gains weight once in a while. But if you become obese, the greater the chances are you may experience health problems.  For more updates, visit:

4. Lack of Motivation

Another side-effect of not sleeping enough is not feeling motivated to do things. So, you’re more likely to forgo exercising or tackling another hour of work, for example. 

Not feeling motivated to do things snowballs and can affect your mental health. You become anxious because your mind isn’t able to comprehend things as well. 

5. Mental Illness 

Getting into the habit of never getting enough rest also has other harmful effects. Over time, it can affect your mental health. When a lack of sleep becomes a pattern, you may experience depression and anxiety. Your body needs an ample amount of rest to rejuvenate itself. If it’s not receiving it, it can affect your brain negatively.

In some cases, you may struggle with sleep, not for lack of trying. It could be you’re unhappy in your relationship. Or, you lost a pet and have been unable to sleep. You may already have depression, and that’s why you’re not sleeping well. 

If you struggle with going to sleep, it may be time to involve various professionals. For example, a doctor can recommend whether you should take a sleep aid. And in regards to your mental health, a therapist can be a listening ear and offer suggestions on how to feel better. They’ll also provide you with tools to combat the negative feelings when they strike. 

By getting the help you need, you can find rest and combat any mental illness you may be experiencing. 


In closing, not getting enough rest shouldn’t become a habit. There are too many negative side-effects that result from forgoing your sleep. 

  • Choose a supportive, comfortable pillow 
  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour 
  • Set up a sleep schedule for sleep consistency
  • Try natural supplements for improved sleep such as melatonin and CBD
  • Invest in a night guard to prevent teeth grinding and other mouth problems

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