TechAll You Need to Know About Bollard Lights.

All You Need to Know About Bollard Lights.

Solar bollard lights are ideal for outdoor lighting and landscape design since they are easy to install, ecologically beneficial, and do not increase your monthly power cost. The increasing solar business has spurred a lot of product innovation, but it also means that buyers are frequently new to the field and don’t know what to look for when comparing models.

The quality of different solar bollard lights varies greatly, from power storage capacity to light output and service life. Knowing the right questions before buying will save you money on an inefficient solar system. 

What are Bollard Lights?

A bollard light is an outdoor lighting fixture that shines on a bollard. In nautical terms, a bollard is a post used to tie up ships on docks. It also refers to the barrier erected to keep autos off the roadway, guide traffic, and protect pedestrians. Bollards can be cylindrical, circular, or square in shape. Generally, the upper and bottom housings of bollards are made of cast aluminum or stainless steel.

Furthermore, the housing of bollards is detachable for installation. Another fixed bollard light is made of concrete. A concrete bollard lamp is put on an ordinary roadway. 

Why are bollard lights required?

Lighting and Aesthetic Function.

Bollard lights provide both lighting and an aesthetic purpose. Bollard lights illuminate the floor and surrounding surroundings, providing gentle but not overpowering lighting and directing traffic. They may embellish plants and structures, resulting in a beautiful landscape and a relaxing ambiance.

Fewer Light Pollution.

Bollard lights offer ground-level lighting without dazzling or distracting cars and pedestrians. Because bollard lights shine at a lower altitude, they do not annoy people while brightening the ground.

Ensure Safety.

Bollard lights provide nighttime safety. They serve as a barrier between pedestrians and driveways, safeguarding pedestrians and cars. The distinctive surface and top designs of bollard lights can withstand vehicular activity without causing damage to the inside components.

Reduce Crime.

Bollard lights have the potential to reduce crime at night. Bollard lights serve as a deterrent to thieves and robbers. Furthermore, bollard lights, to some extent, deter criminals and looters from wreaking devastation.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Ballard Lights:

  1. Power Storage:

Power storage gauges how well a solar installation converts sunlight into a battery charge. A solar lamp with robust power storage takes less time to charge a low battery fully and can run successfully even when there are few daylight hours.

Power storage is not equivalent to charging time. A low-capacity battery may charge faster than a bigger one, but a high-capacity battery typically has a higher power storage rate.

  1. Working Temperature:

Some climates are more challenging for external solar lighting than others. Moisture combined with severe hot and cold temperatures may wreak havoc on inadequately protected batteries and solar cells. Commodity level batteries are unlikely to last long if your site is very damp, hot, or cold.

You may ensure the longevity of your installation by picking solar lights with a stated high or low-temperature tolerance. Extreme temperatures frequently cause the battery to fail first.

  1. Illuminance:

Throughout its distribution pattern, any lighting system will give light at various illumination places. This implies that light will look more potent at some distribution sites than others, and different distribution patterns will give light at varying intensities. 

Most solar bollard lighting applications are concerned with the average and minimum illuminance values and the maximum to minimum uniformity ratio for the area to be lighted. The solar bollard light vendor will generally have IES files that may be utilized to assess if these bollards will fulfill the illuminance requirements for a project.

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