FashionA Simple Guide to Buy Men's Shorts

A Simple Guide to Buy Men’s Shorts

Most men don’t have a clue when buying shorts is considered. Without a proper understanding of cuts and designs, many fall for buying the shorts that they regret soon after. Mens shorts, like pants, are available in various fits, styles and lengths. But unlike pants, most men fail to judge the appropriate length of shorts. Also, there are other considerations you should keep in mind to choose the right pair. 

You can look at the following guide to make buying shorts easier. 


Flat front shorts

These kinds of shorts are the most commonly available. These have a simple, classic design that gives a low-waisted, slim look. It can be your go-to pair of shorts that you can wear with different types of shoes and tops.

Cargo shorts

Cargo shorts are loose-fitted and appear baggy. They have multiple side pockets offering ample storage. However, it is best not to stuff your pockets with too many things, as they can make your legs look bulky. 

Swimming shorts

You get swimming shorts in nylon with a mesh lining that makes them dry faster. These are your go-to options for your pool parties or beach outings.


Most often, men wear ill-fitted shorts. So, if you want to find shorts that fit you perfectly, you should consider the length and the cut.


Choosing the right length for your height is very important, as your shorts must cover one-third of your leg. Ideally, the length of mens shorts should be 2-3 inches above the knee.

You can achieve this by identifying the appropriate inseam length according to height. Once you figure out the inseam length, you can never go wrong with the fit. Shorts come in varying inseam lengths; the perfect length lies between 5 and 11 inches.  


You need to consider two types of fit while buying perfect-fitting shorts. Slim-fit shorts taper down the leg and provide a great tailored appearance while providing plenty of room for movement and comfort. Usually, this type of cut works for most men but may be tight on men with bigger builds. 

On the other hand, classic shorts can be perfect for men with large legs and a bigger build, as these shorts do not taper down towards the legs and offer a clean silhouette. 


The most commonly used material for shorts is cotton, but there are other materials you can consider depending on your outfit or type of event. You can also choose the fabric according to specific weather conditions.


Cotton is the most popular fabric choice for shorts as it offers excellent temperature regulation and comfort. Also, this fabric’s wrinkle resistance is medium, making it ideal for daily use. Cotton shorts are also available in a wide range of colours which adds to their versatility, giving you a good bang for your buck.  


Linen is an excellent option for warm climates for its breathability and lightweight. It is more expensive than cotton and can be the best choice for hot days.

Synthetic material

Synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon have moisture-wicking properties and offer excellent performance. These materials come in different price ranges and suit the specific needs of people. For example, you would like swimming shorts made from nylon as they are lightweight and dry quickly. You may also need to look for performance-based materials for your golfing shorts, as they can wick moisture and allow great flexibility. 

No matter your body type or height, your shorts should not go beyond your knees. If it extends beyond it, you will appear short and stout. Also, you should ensure that your shorts support your lower half and give you a complete range of motion.  

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