FashionCandle Rings: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Magical

Candle Rings: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Magical

Let us admit. Who wants to have plain jane candles lying around during festive season or even when you are feeling fancy? This is where candle rings come to the rescue. Candles have been there since humanity. And they have gone through many changes according to the weather and different periods of age. We have seen candle clocks, candle holders, lamps with candles and even candelabra. As time passed, candles were decorated too in a pretty way making them visually pleasing. Even though the present times are modernized, people did not forget candles and still use them here and there occasionally.

Candle Rings For Different Occasions: Candle Rings

These days people are getting creative with candle rings making them festive friendly by giving them a certain festive vibe they are going for at that moment. There are christmas candle rings, new year candle rings, thanksgiving candle rings and what not! Everything can be found easily according to your taste!

These rings for candles can be bought at supermarkets or stores but in case of emergency, sometimes we just have to DIY our way into it.

‘DIY’ing Candle Rings

  • Sometimes all you need is a plain white long or short candle and some artificial little flowers and leaves.

This process is not that complicated as it has only a few steps to cover.

  • Do not forget the wire. First things first, wire the wire around the candle and get the length of the wire until where you want to make a cut. Make sure you are not going for a shorter length. If you go a bit overboard, it can be corrected by wiring it up with the rest of the wire but you can not do that if you cut it shorter.
  • Grab a glue gun and glue the ends so that it looks like a circle. Try putting your candle inside the wire to see if it fits or not.
  • Once it fits, wrap those artificial little flowers and leaves around the wire as you go ahead.
candle rings
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Pro tip: use floral tape in case of taping up the excess.

  • As the leaves are green, one can not spot the floral tape much. If you have any extra ornaments, you can use a hot gun to attach the pieces to the freshly wrapped floral wire.
  • If it is a fancy event, and you wish to do more, then glitter is your best friend.
  • As glitter just can not sit still, you would need some paint that looks similar to your glitter color, so when applied it is not that different and in fact looks neat.
  • Apply the similar colored paint wherever you wish to put the glitter on.
  • Then wait for a little while and sprinkle teeny tiny bits of glitter onto the paint.
  • Remember, you can always build it up but can not remove it without making a mess.
  • Start with little amounts of glitter and work your way up until you are satisfied.
  • Once the wire dries up with glitter, put on your candle in the middle and your candle ring is ready to be kept in the middle of the table!

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