HEALTH4 benefits You Can Get From Yoga

4 benefits You Can Get From Yoga

Yoga originated in ancient India as a mental, spiritual and physical practise. This practise is gaining popularity in several countries. The word “yoga” is taken from “Yuj”, a Sanskrit word which means to yoke or to unite, as it helps develop a union between spirit, mind and body. In addition, it is practised for spiritual awakening and neutralising ego-driven thoughts with asanas or a series of postures. According to statistics, 34.4 million people, 10 per cent of the United States population, practise yoga. So, if you are interested in asanas, you can join online yoga classes. After all, these online classes can help you exercise from anywhere at any time. Because of its many benefits, you don’t have to think twice before entering the sessions. Following are a few of them. 

  1. It lowers cholesterol and blood sugar: A wax-like or fatty substance in the blood is called cholesterol. If there is too much of this substance in your blood, it means you have high cholesterol. It leads to the risk of stroke, coronary heart disease, and peripheral vascular diseases. And high blood sugar levels cause type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in individuals. With the help of yoga, your good cholesterol or HDL will improve, and your bad cholesterol or LDL will be lowered. People who have diabetes can also benefit from various asanas and postures. After all, it lowers adrenaline and cortisol levels and encourages weight loss. Thus, lowering the blood sugar levels in the body. You can ensure that it reduces the risk of blindness, heart attack and kidney failure. 
  2. It improves sleep: A well-rested sleep is essential for your health because it helps improve productivity and concentration. Sleeping for less than seven hours can negatively impact your blood pressure and heart. It can lead to depression, inflammation and other diseases. So, in case you are not getting sufficient sleep, you must start looking for yoga classes. You will undoubtedly attain quality sleep at night and relax better. As per statistics, more than 55 per cent of practitioners of yoga improved their sleep in the United States. Another report shows that patients who participated in an eight-week or 2-month yoga program attained quality sleep. The more you spend time on yoga, the more benefits you can achieve. Make sure that you don’t practise its vigorous forms at night as it can keep you wide awake. 
  3. It improves your bone health: It is crucial to have good bone health. After all, over time, the bones can become brittle and weak, leading to osteoporosis. You must exercise daily to strengthen your bones. So, practising yoga will help improve the health of your bones. Postures such as the upward-facing dog and the downward-facing dog certainly strengthen the bones of the arms. According to a study at California State University, practising yoga boosts the vertebrae’s bone density. It lowers cortisol and allows calcium to remain in the bones.
  4. It helps fight fatigue: Fatigue or feeling overtired and lacking energy occurs because of lack of exercise. It is also a symptom of anemia, depression, diabetes and dehydration. As per International Sports Science Association, yoga reduces tiredness and fatigue. When you do asanas or practise yoga, your heart pumps oxygen-rich blood to the organs and muscles of the body. According to the Journal of Science in Medicine and Sports study, yoga is linked to better stress and energy levels. Research states that hatha yoga allows individuals to fight slight fatigue. Moreover, inversion poses such as downward facing dog and forward fold might increase energy. 

Online yoga classes are helpful if you don’t have much time to be physically present for yoga. You can join from anywhere and at a time suitable for you. Indeed, you will gain the benefits mentioned above and more. 

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