TechZeeplive For Android- Live Video Chat

Zeeplive For Android- Live Video Chat

ZeepLive is a Live Video chat application where you can randomly call or chat and make new friends anywhere around the world. If you like to make new friends or socialize, then this app is for you. It is available in various versions for Android, Windows, and Mac OS. The one we are talking about here is the iPhone version of ZeepLive.  You can connect, Text, Video chat, socialize and be friends with people globally through this app. ZeepLive also ensures the security and privacy of its users and it is free of cost to use just by logging into the interface of this application. The APK can be downloaded from the Internet browser of your choice.  This app works well and well in an iPhone and also in some other Operating Systems. Let’s have a look at some features and functionalities of the iPhone. 

iPhone is a smartphone series developed by Apple Inc and the operating system used in iPhone is IOS. Various models such as XS, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 6, 6 Plus, 11 Pro Max, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 13 Pro Max, etc have been released by Apple Inc. iPhone is a widely used and popular smartphone for its different qualities along with the safety and secureness it provides. Compare to the Android Operating system, it is more secure and less prone to cyber crimes and malware. The latest version of IOS released by Apple is IOS 17 Beta version while its full and final version is said to be released in mid-September, this year and is previewed already. Some popular features, Apple included in IOS 17 are:

  • Namedrop- With these features, users can share their contact details with nearby Apple devices such as iPhones and Apple watches. 
  • Standby Mode- This new feature of IOS 17 includes the capability to turn the iPhone into a table digital clock along with displaying some notifications. It can also be converted into a photo frame and album digitally.
  • Facetime messages- Now users can send text and audio messages while video calling.
  • Now you can tracks or share the location of your air tags with a maximum of 5 people, which is a very beneficial feature provided by Apple.
  • Animated Stickers- Now you can use the image as a sticker after being cropped to the size.  

Numerous other features are coming up with the newest version of IOS i.e. IOS 17. 


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