Casino and gamblingWho Are The Best Fielders Of The Bangladesh Cricket Team?

Who Are The Best Fielders Of The Bangladesh Cricket Team?

Wickets, Catches, and chasing a ball are a part of the fielding process in cricket. There are no specific permanent fielders for any cricket team. All players’ performances change with each cricket match. The Bangladesh Cricket Team is known for its brilliant fielding techniques and abilities. The team has some of the best fielders in the world, who have been influential in helping the team to succeed.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 8 best fielders of the Bangladesh Cricket Team and the qualities that make them stand out from the rest. We will also discuss how these players have contributed to the team’s success over the years and what makes them so unusual.

Top fielders of the Bangladesh cricket team

Here is a list of the top best fielders of the Bangladesh Cricket Team as per analysis from sports news of cricket today.

  1. Litton Das 

For the Bangladesh National Cricket Team, Litton Das is the dominant cricket player from their country. His birth took place in Dhaka on October 28, 1989. His international debut came in 2013 against Zimbabwe as a wicketkeeper-batsman. He is renowned for his flexible hands and good decision-making behind the stumps. 2018 Dhaka against Chittagong matchup – Das contributed to Dhaka’s victory by 7-8 wickets with an unbeaten 129 off the last 70 balls. Furthermore, he has a batting average of 40- 50.27 and two centuries in ODIs. Das has participated in numerous local competitions and is an important member of Bangladesh’s cricket team. Rangpur against Dhaka, 2017 – Das scored 90-92 off 52-53 balls, including 9-10 fours and 3-4 sixes, to secure the victory.

  1. Mushfiqur Rahim 

Rahim, a cricketer from Bangladesh, has been participating in international competitions since 2005. He is a right-handed all-rounder who bats and bowls (right-arm off-spin). He served as the former Test and T20I captain of the Bangladesh National Cricket Team. In more than 100-200 international games within all three formats, he has participated, amassing more than 7,000-8,000 runs and more than 99 wickets. He is well-known for his powerful hitting and leadership abilities with his teammates. He is a competent leader who has promoted cricket in Bangladesh to the world stage.

  1. Soumya Sarkar 

Sarkar, a top-order batsman and unpredictable off-break bowler for Bangladesh, plays cricket. He made his debut for Bangladesh in an international match in 2015, and since then, he has frequently played for the ODI and T20I teams of Bangladesh. He is well-known for his aggressive batting style, which elevates him to an important position in Bangladesh’s batting order. Sarkar, perhaps the most intriguing quality player in Bangladesh cricket, has scored centuries in both ODI and T20I games.

  1. Shakib Al Hasan 

An international cricketer from Bangladesh named Shakib Al Hasan. is a good spinner.  In accordance with the ICC Player Rankings for all three formats of the game, Shakib is the best all-rounder in the world. He is the first and only cricket player in history to have received the ICC’s top all-rounder ranking across all three game formats. Hasan has participated in a number of international competitions, such as the Asia Cup, ICC Cricket World Cup, and ICC World Twenty20. In all three of the game’s formats, he serves as the captain of the Bangladesh national team. He is referred to as “The Magician batter” because of his aggressive batting style. He is referred to as “The Lord of Bowling” and is well known for his spectacular fielding abilities.

  1. Mahmudullah (Riyad)

Mahmudullah (Riyad), a right-handed hitter and right-arm off-spinner for Bangladesh, plays good cricket. He is renowned for his forceful innings style and is frequently regarded as a pillar of the Bangladeshi batting order.

  1. Imrul Kayes 

Kayes is a cricket player from Bangladesh who bats first. He is a key member of Bangladesh’s batting lineup and is renowned for his propensity for playing lengthy innings.

  1. Mustafizur Rahman

Mustafizur is a left-arm fast-medium bowler who plays cricket for Bangladesh. He is one of the fastest bowlers in the world and a valuable member of the Bangladesh cricket team.

8. Sabbir Rahman 

Sabbir serves cricket for Bangladesh and bats right-handedly. He also occasionally bowls off-spin. He is well-known for his hard-hitting batting style and is frequently considered to be a crucial Bangladesh cricket player.

From amazing catches to dazzling saves, these cricketers have proven their importance again and again on the cricket ground. The Bangladesh cricket team is a collection of numerous capable fielders. They possess solid impulses, good quickness, and terrific hand-ball-eye synchronized moments. Bangladesh’s fielders are also great at analyzing the game and predicting the moment or direction of the ball. Today’s new inexperienced cricket fielders have changed this concept for good fielding. Selecting a few fielders from this team is a complex task as all members are good in their skills.

Still, some fielders like Shakib Hasan and Soumya Sarkar stand out from the crowd because of the way they perform on the field and how they are equally good at grabbing the ball while fielding in poor weather and moist soil.


Every cricket team is composed of excellent batsmen, smart bowlers, and flexible all-rounder fielders. Cricket fielders possess the agility, aggressiveness, and smartness to analyze a match. All these Bangladesh fielders or the team in this cricket world have shown outstanding fielding skills that have resulted in the success of the team.

Bangladesh is famous for its passionate cricket followers, and the most effective fielders associated with the Bangladesh cricket team have been on a way to obtain honor and joy for most. Not just these 8 fielders but other members have also consistently proved remarkable fielding and that has helped their team to win different format matches from the agile Litton Das, Tamim Iqbal, Nasir Hossain, Mehidy Hasan, Rubel Hossain to the reliable Soumya Sarkar. Hope that this article has given you the data for the top 8 best fielders of this Bangladesh cricket team. You can use this data or instances in numerous T20, Test, and IPL BPL matches scenarios.

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