TechPrepare your tiny tot for ballet dance

Prepare your tiny tot for ballet dance

Whether your kid is ready to start ballet training or resuming after a break, it is vital to prepare them. Most children take a break from dance class for several reasons like summer vacation, virtual courses and more. They might need some time to get used, so you should provide support.

As a good dance parent, you will be supportive and here are some tips to prepare your dancer. From choosing high-end girls to dance shoes to getting involved in studio activities, you can help kids in various ways. Continue reading to know more in detail about the tips precisely.

Check the dance studio’s policy

Whether your kid is a novice to ballet dance or resuming their training after a break, it is vital to the studio’s policies in the first place. It will help your kids prepare and abide by the rules. 

Familiarise yourself with the instructions and dress code policies as well. The dress code policies necessitate you to invest in quality gear like girls dance shoes, leotards, tights, leggings, hair ties and more. 

If your little dancer is wearing the attire as per the dress code, there is no need to search for accessories at the last minute. The rules in the dance studio will address students’ conduct, discipline, participation and more. As a parent, you should be aware of all these things.  

Connect with the dance studio

The dance instructors or the studio director will provide updates on class schedules, lessons and important notifications. It is crucial to communicate well with the studio or instructors and provide all the required details before the beginning of the season. 

The instructors or directors would request you to confirm the classes your kids want to take. They will also let you know about the classes conducted throughout the season. It is better to have clear communication if you are resuming classes after a long time. The class timing, batch size and other things could have been changed. Contact the teachers to avoid any miscommunication.

Check the dance gear’s sizing

As specified in the last tip, you should be aware of the dance studio’s uniform code. However, checking whether the gears still fit your kids is also essential. Most parents find it hard to realise that children grow up quickly. Most importantly, you should check the girls dance shoes. If they don’t fit your kid, invest in quality gear.

Gear up for virtual classes

Since the Covid pandemic, individuals have been interested in taking virtual classes. Though ballet dancers visit the studio regularly, some sessions may rely on technology. For instance, your kid will take online courses if there is heavy snow in your region. It is all about arranging space for your dancer to practice without disturbances or distractions.

Prevent injuries

When your kid starts to perform on the dance floor, the complicated movements can cause potential injuries. There are several ways to diminish the possibility of injuries. Firstly, the dancers must strengthen their muscles to build endurance and resiliency.

Ballet is an excellent activity that kids can perform to acquire several benefits. Encourage the children to concentrate on staying in shape by implementing activities like Yoga, stretching exercises and more. A routine will help dancers to prevent injuries outside and stay prepared for the dance season.

Ballet dancing is one of the favourite activities for kids and adults. If your kids are all geared up to commence the dance training, show your support by purchasing the best quality gear, including shoes, leggings and more.

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