lawJuvenile Justice System in UAE:

Juvenile Justice System in UAE:

The UAE government has actively taken interest in protecting Juveniles. For that, they have made efforts to protect the juveniles. The UAE has always contributed to the cause by taking care of juveniles. Therefore, UAE has introduced Federal related for Juvenile delinquents and vagrants. This is also known as the juvenile law of the country. A Juvenile is defined as someone who has not reached the age of 18 at the time of the commission of a crime or felony. The verification of age is checked through official data or documents. Juvenile Law was introduced to protect them against the penalties, imprisonment, and punishments resulting from a crime. Under the Juvenile law of UAE, criminal prosecution cannot take place against a juvenile who hasn’t reached the age of 7.

However, the courts and other reputable authorities of the UAE are given the right to give orders under all scenarios. The courts and other competent authorities may suggest the medical or educational treatment of a child if there is any need. The judges and the jury can take adequate measures if a juvenile has completed the age of 7 but hasn’t completed the age of 16 at the time of the crime. This is governed under Juvenile law applicable in UAE. Furthermore, judges will stipulate the law once the juvenile has reached the age of 16 at the time of the crime. Still, they will not be given penalties. Additionally, it is significant to note that the juvenile may not be given a capital sentence due to crime. They will also not receive capital imprisonment or punishments under Juvenile law in UAE. If in case, capital punishment or a sentence is given it is up to 10 years. We suggest discuss more with Lawyers in Dubai with having expertise in such matters. Even the Legal Consultants in Dubai are enough for grabbing the details.

Certain measures can be taken against juveniles other than penalties, punishments, or imprisonment. Let’s have a look at them in detail:

  • Juvenile Law sets out a complete direction as to what measures can be taken against a juvenile. Under juvenile law, rebuking the child can take place. It is to discipline the juvenile by scolding him in a session. This is done to urge him to become a good and responsible person in his conduct.
  • The juvenile may be handed over to the parents, guardians, or custodians this may include the tutor, mother, father, or anyone in the family with full capacity to handle him carefully.
  • Juveniles may be put under judicial supervision. Juveniles may be given detention due to court orders. He may need to be put under restriction over his movement. They may be restricted from visiting specific places.
  • The court and judges can exercise their discretion to give the order. Following this, judicial testing may take place. If the juvenile failed the test used for any reason, the lawsuit may commence against it.  Moreover, trials can take place under Juvenile law.
  • The juvenile may be compelled to undergo professional training sessions for improvements.  There are vocational training sessions or rehabilitation centers where the courts can entrust the juveniles.
  • The juvenile may be confined to rehabilitation centers, educational homes, asylums, therapeutic centers, reformation places, and so forth. If there is any mental disease, the treatment is done until he fully recovers. 
  • The court is responsible to free juveniles depending on the reports. The court will govern the matter and scrutinize the reports to make a judgment.
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