digital marketingHow has AI impacted modern SEO?

How has AI impacted modern SEO?

Modern SEO focuses on user behaviour, creating high-quality content, mobile optimisation, building quality backlinks, conversion, customer retention and social media. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed how SEO is practiced.

AI software is used in Google Maps, Amazon Alexa, Grammarly and more. AI in SEO helps to improve performance, analyse data at a speed humans cannot and identify patterns and trends. AI-based tools can be used for identifying keywords, creating content, identifying keywords, optimising content and more. 

AI tools also help to automate the creation of structured data and internal linking and optimise meta description, page titles and headings.

AI for keyword research

AI can be used to analyse a large amount of data and find high-performing and relevant keywords. This will help to identify the keywords which you may have missed. AI can also be used to analyse user behaviour and this will help to find out what the users are searching for and how they are searching.

AI in content creation

AI can be used to get the outline of what content should be. It can create high-quality and unique content which can help to improve the relevance of a website. It can create relevant content in a few seconds which is much faster than humans. As the content is more relevant it will help to improve the user experience.

AI in content optimisation

AI tools can provide suggestions on how your content can be improved and this will help your content to rank better for that search term. Therefore AI can be made a part of the content strategy.

AI can be used to get topics based on search data so that you can get an idea about what content the other websites are preparing. 

AI in on-page SEO

AI tools supports schema markup and can automate structured data. It can help you to optimise internal linking, meta tags, header tags and other on-page elements.

AI in voice search

Voice search optimisation involves optimising your website to improve its ranking in voice search results. Voice assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri use AI technology.

Search engines can identify content that is entirely generated using AI. Statistical analysis can be used to find out if the content is AI-generated. Publishing content entirely generated by AI affects your SEO negatively because Google prohibits auto-generated content. It can also result in manual action for Google.

Using AI for SEO campaigns can help SEO professionals save their time, resources and money. At the same time, it can help to improve the quality of a campaign.

Ai technology is being used by big corporations but now it is within the reach of small businesses too. As its reach is increasing it will change the way SEO is practiced. AI will help to take over time-consuming SEO tasks. By using AI for SEO you will be able to increase your productivity and efficiency and at the same time, it will help to improve your content relevance. 

The B2B SEO Services can use AI to create specific and personalised content to cater to their audience base.


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