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Bubblers for Sale – Steps to Making the Right Choice

If you are one of those considering trying out a new type of smoking device like the bubbler, know that you are not alone in this. There’s been an increase in the number of smokers who are switching to this alternative smoking method mainly because of the favorable reports that have been circulating about them.

To be able to really enjoy all the benefits that bubblers offer, it is important that you know how to make the right choice when making your purchase. To this end, we will be taking some time to share with you some tips that will help make this process a lot easier for you.

Know what You Need

The first step to making the right choice is knowing exactly what you need. If you do not know what you need, then you’ll have no way of knowing if and when you find it. With regard to your choice of a bubbler, the factors that should determine your choice should include how prefer to use it, its shape, size, material used and of course ease of use among other things. By considering all these factors, you can pre-determine the features that are important to you and then focus on finding the ones that offers those features.

Let’s now look at the most important of these factors in some more detail:

Intended Use

How do you plan on using your device? Just in cases this question is not clear, you need to know if you will be using it mostly at home and so won’t mind something that’s not so portable or if you want something portable and easy to use such that you can easily use it on the go. You may also want to decide if the device will be used by you alone or a group of friends.

Shape and Size

If you’ve ever looked through an assemblage of bubblers, then you’ll know that they come in various sizes and shapes.  Some are large while some others are small. Some have simple shapes while others are more elaborately designed. Both the shape and size will affect how and where each one can be used. This is basically a continuation of our previously discussed factor – intended use.


Though most bubblers are made from glass, other materials like acrylic and silicone can also be used. Which material will be most ideal for you will depend on usage, aesthetic preference and cost. Glass bubblers will usually cost more but will also offer better durability and aesthetic value. Acrylic and silicone will, on the other hand, be cheaper but not offer as much visual and use value.

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Determine Your Budget

Budget plays a very important role in our everyday expenditure. Whether or not we’ll make a purchase will usually depend on the price. In the same vein, price will be a very important factor in determining which bubbler you finally go for.

While considering your budget, there are a few consideration factors that can help you make this determination and with greater ease. A few of these include:

Researching Prices

It’s actually difficult to have a budget for something you have no idea of its price range. It’s therefore important that you carry out a market survey to have a good idea of what the prices ranges for the different types are. By knowing this, you will be in a better position to set a budget for your purchase.

Knowing Your Price Limit

It’s important to know exactly how much you are willing to spend on your purchase. Once you establish this fact, then you can focus on products that fall within your chosen price range.

Locating Special Offers

Finding and taking advantage of promotions and special offers is one way of ensuring you get a great deal on your purchase. Look around to see if there are reputable online and offline sellers that can offer you a deal or two. You can click here to check out some possible offers. Do this and you can enjoy bargain deals. 

Compare Brands and Products

Now that you are done with clearly defining your needs and budget, you should now begin to take a close look at the product brand and model. Your research should begin with the brand because you only want to deal with reputable companies. To go about this effectively, there are a few important steps you’ll need to take. These include the following:

Go for Already Known and Established Brands

Brands that have spent years building their reputation are less likely to offer poor services or products than new ones that have little to no point to prove. Yes, established brands may in many cases charge a little bit more than the less known ones, but you can regard this extra as payment for the additional peace of mind.

Check Reviews

Reviews can be a really effective way of determining the suitability of a company or service provider especially in a case where you do not know any established brand. By reading reviews from independent review sites and public ratings, you will have an insight into the real-life experience of people of who have previously done business with the company you are researching.

Take some time to check out as many reviews as you can and from these a picture of the seller should begin to emerge. This should give you a good idea of which seller you should consider purchasing from.

Know the Additional Features You Want


As part of your decision making process, you need to be sure of the extra features that you will consider to be important additions. Yes, aside from the regular features of bubblers, there are a number of extra features that you can find. Let’s quickly look at a few additional features that you can look out for:


This is a feature that further adds an additional layer of protection by way of a filter point. This improves the user’s experience as the smoke is efficiently relieved of impurities, making it smoother and also taste better.

Ice Catcher

This is another extra feature that can also improve the user’s experience. This feature makes it possible for the user to add ice into the water chamber. The effect of this is an inhalation that is cooler and less harsh on the user’s throat.

Carb Hole

This is a tiny hole that gives the user a level of control over the amount of air and smoke that will flow in the system. This added layer of control helps the user better control their experience.

Detachable Parts

This feature is most important when you need to either give the bubbler a thorough cleaning or you need to pack it up efficiently. Of course, it also adds the danger of having missing parts so you’d have to decide how important this feature is for you.


It’s been a short but interesting ride into the world of bubblers. With the information we’ve shared in this article, you can now confidently go out to choose a bubbler that will serve you perfectly.

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