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3 Essential Questions For Orange County Pool Builders

Swimming pools are expensive and long-term investments. The contractors who install or service your pool determine the quality of results, timeline, cost, and lifespan. Therefore, you must research and compare several Orange County pool builders before settling on one. 

There are numerous factors you should consider, and asking these questions will help you get the most essential information. 

What Credentials Do They Have?

This is an essential thing to ask because a business’ credentials tell you whether they have the qualifications to run a pool construction business. They will show you whether the pool contractors underwent the proper training equipping them with the knowledge and skills for all pool construction processes, equipment, and materials. 

You should also ask for business permits and certificates. These tell you whether the business has complied with all local and state regulations to run the business. They also make it easy to find the company on platforms like BBB, which tells you more about the business. When reviewing the permits and certificates, ensure they are updated and contain the business’s legal name and address. 

Finally, ask to see the contractor’s insurance. They must have liability insurance, which protects you from any property damages or injuries the employees cause as they work. 

They should also have employee compensation insurance covering the employees if they encounter injuries during the project. That helps motivate the employees, ensuring they give you the best results. 

What Is Their Experience?

The contractors’ experience will determine how well they have mastered the skills and how much they know about the industry. Therefore, ask Orange County pool builders how long they have been in the business. 

You should also ask how many clients they serve in a month and how many clients usually have the same needs and project specifications as you. That gives you an idea of the results to expect. It also helps you understand their schedule, giving you a rough idea of how long it will take to complete your project. 

Experience also affects the company’s prices. Newer companies usually offer lower prices because they are trying to penetrate the market. They might not have invested in the highest-quality equipment or know the best places to get high-quality materials. 

Therefore, while more experienced companies might be more expensive, you are assured of high-quality results. An essential thing you should do when asking about the experience is asking for their portfolio and references. The portfolio should have images and videos of their previous projects, giving you an idea of their qualities. 

A reputable company should not hesitate to give you references from past clients. Also, the number of references a company provides tells a lot. A shorter list of references might mean the company has served few clients or has issues satisfying them. 

Talk to the clients and ask about their experience with the pool builder and the main issues they encountered. You can also visit their homes to see the pool. Finally, go online and read client reviews from the contractor’s website, social media platforms, and sites like Glassdoor, BBB, and Google. 

Do They Offer Written Contracts?

A contract outlines your and the contractor’s responsibility in the project, which helps avoid issues later. Below are some things you should ensure are in the contract. 

  • Project cost breakdown
  • Project specifications like pool size, shape, and additional features
  • Your responsibilities in the project
  • Pool construction services
  • Project schedule breakdown
  • Payment methods and period
  • Warranties
  • Material types, amount, and colors
  • A hold harmless agreement or liability waiver between you and the contractor
  • Dispute resolution clauses

Ask for a contract copy, read every clause, and ask for clarifications before signing. You should also ensure it has the business’s legal name and address. 

Finding a reputable pool contractor can be challenging, but asking the right questions helps make it easier, faster, and more effective. Calimingo is among the most reputable Orange County pool builders dedicated to bringing your pool dreams into reality regardless of the size, style, shape, features, etc. 

You can rely on them for pool installation, custom pool design, remodeling, repairs, cleaning, and maintenance. Contact them today to take a design survey, book their services, or ask for a cost estimate.


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