What Is March Madness and How Can I Win My Bets?

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What month is it? It’s March! That means it’s time for March Madness. This NCAA tournament is one of the year’s most anticipated and exciting tournaments; you can add this tournament to the Super Bowl! It’s why you’ll see different sports bettors advertise their sports books and try to make you gamble on their websites. 

With 68 teams competing for the championship, you can expect the Final Four to be paved with more incredible finishes, mind-blowing upsets, and entertainment than ever. Continue reading to learn more about this fun NCAA tournament and how you can win your bets. 

What Is March Madness?

March Madness is an NCAAB tournament inaugurated in 1939. The term ‘March Madness’ was introduced in 1939, when Henry V. Porter, an Illinois High School Association official, counted the term in a magazine. However, it was only popularized in 1982 when Brent Musburger, a CBS broadcaster, used that term. 

It’s a tournament played by 68 basketball teams that compete in seven rounds for the National Championship. As you’ve guessed, it’s a single-elimination tournament. You can watch the 84th annual edition of March Madness in NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, on March 14, 2023, until the last game on April 3, 2023. 

Tips To Win Your March Madness Bets

March Madness is filled with different matches and teams. However, the teams and coaches remain the same, but winning your bets is still challenging. Additionally, winning big in sports betting requires a proven and consistent strategy – which may take time. Still, if you include the following tips for your expertise, you may win big and be delighted. Continue reading to learn what strategies to include in your game plan. 

Scout the Schedule

To win your bets, you should first scout the March Madness schedule. The schedule has significant importance to the overall tournament. The strength of the regular season’s schedule plays a huge role in shaping the NCAAB teams in terms of their mindset, their chances of winning, and the teachings they can learn from crossing different kinds of teams. 

Furthermore, the March Madness schedule is also a good measuring stick to determine if the matchups are worth watching and betting on. By looking at the schedule alone, you can research and determine which team is worth placing your hopes and money on. 

When researching a team, you should determine the chances that another team will win and how. Search their different strengths and weaknesses, what each team, coach, and player are known for, and many more.

Of course, researching and knowing what to research will take time, so if you’re still a beginner or recently placed bets on two or three sports tournaments, don’t beat yourself up! Practice patience whenever you gain strategies to win in the NCAAB events, especially March Madness. 

Be Prepared For Anything

This tip may seem broad, but you should summon your inner boy or girl scout during NCAAB betting. College basketball players play NCAAB; hence, the players would change every three or four years. As a result, this gives the teams a chance to push ahead to the top consistently. In March Madness, you would typically see success from teams peaking at just the right team in the postseason. 

So, as a bettor, you should look for the hot and trending teams from last January and February of 2023, or even last year, to check if their hype is still pertinent to this year’s March Madness. 

Opt For Live betting Opportunities.

March Madness is known for its extreme excitement and incredible momentum. As a result, this great tournament is excellent for live-betting opportunities. If you want to win big and cleverly, take advantage of the action and look for in-play odds. You’ll indeed feel twice the intensity during March Madness. 

Also, March Madness is great for hedging and middle pregame wagers. Live betting has numerous advantages; you should take advantage of it to make your March (and April) count!

Double Check Your Bets

Are you betting in-person, with friends, or online? Either way, the fact remains that we are all humans. As such, we are also prone to error from time to time. Don’t fret because you can prevent mistakes from happening by double-checking your bets. Before you place or pay that amount, double-check the amount and team or bet you will place.

Nothing hurts more than being on the edge of your seat, hoping that you’ll win your bet, only for it to turn to dust since you wagered on the wrong team or bet. 

Final Thoughts

March Madness is indeed fun and exciting. However, it’s also a sports tournament showcasing what the youth can do. It shows the future of basketball. Other than that, it can also bring people together while they root for their favored teams. March Madness is a sports tournament you should add to your list of must-watch events.