Best Internet Marketplaces to Buy or Sell Apps And Websites Online

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While there are a lot of e-commerce websites where you can buy and sell almost anything that you want, it’s rare to come across an online store where you can sell your website. However, today there are countless platforms where you can sell your website, just like you would sell any other product. Or maybe acquire a new website so that it can be added to your repertoire? Either way, always ensure that your website is designed as per the latest trends and can handle all sorts of malfunctions as well, including service issues. If there are service issues, you need to invest in an upgrade or get a new service provider.

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Here Are The Best Internet Marketplaces to Buy or Sell Apps And Websites Online

We listed some of the best platforms just for you!

Motion Invest

This is a great website as it now only allows the website owner to list their product on this website but the owner can also sell their product directly to the team at Motion Invest. Although this eliminates the seller’s commission the website instantly receives his payment without any further delay.

Motion Invest does not specify any particular criteria but what has been observed so far is that all monetized websites, specifically e-commerce websites, sites that are selling something (product or service) and are affiliated with brands, are mostly found here on this platform. Even though sellers’ commissions are eliminated, listing your business on this website is free.

However, some additional fee has been noticed, but that can be clarified by the site team themselves. To sell your website on Motion Invest, simply create your account, fill out a form, and submit it for sale.


Sedo is a straightforward platform, that offers multiple options to buyers and sellers. Although this platform is for domain names only, people can both purchase and sell off their domain names at a fixed price. They even have the option to bid or sell in the online marketplace and may even use the in-house broker service for retailing high-value domains.

When it comes to seller commissions, these usually vary by the kind of sale that initially took place. However, generally, users will have to pay at least 10 to 15 percent of the final price. To get started, simply head to Sedo, create an account, and start selling.


This platform is a great option for all those websites that are less established. If you are the owner of such a website, then this platform is perfect for you! While most established marketplaces have certain criteria for buying and selling websites, this platform doesn’t. Freemarket allows users to list all kinds of websites, irrespective of their scale, along with some standalone domains as well.

Seller commissions are involved in this process. Users are free to submit listings on this platform, but they have to pay an additional fee of $25 if they want to make it private. Or pay an additional $30 if they want to specifically feature somewhere on the site. If the user gets lucky and ends up selling his listing, then they have to pay a flat 5% commission to Freemarket. To begin the buying/selling process, the bidding process, etc. simply create an account to register yourself and get started!

Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers are one of the most popular marketplaces, that are out there! So, if your website ended up on this platform, consider it a lucky one because Empire Flippers are extremely picky when it comes to selecting a site for sale. That’s why it’s pretty common to find the prices of websites go on the higher end – in thousands and even millions – if Empire Flippers have picked it up!

While this platform works for all kinds of websites but mostly pickup websites that have some affiliate links or are monetized in some way. It’s common to find eCommerce businesses, Amazon FBA businesses, and many more here. This platform does have seller commissions. To allow this platform to select your website, simply submit a form. Users also have to submit their license and present proof of their present available funds to access further.

The Bottom Line…

While some of these platforms are earning millions every month, it is only because the websites that are being sold and purchased are some great finds. One thing to always remember is that before you sell off any product, it should meet the criteria of your prospective client. That’s why your website needs to match internet speeds or be responsive.

Nothing can pop the expectations of a client more than a slow website. If these are updated and yet you are facing issues, then get your internet upgraded! Visit BuyTVInternetPhone and browse through the myriad of ISPs that provide high-speed connectivity and amazing monthly deals at reduced rates.

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